Why use a meeting platform for in-person client meetings?

Last time we looked at the benefits of working with clients in a hybrid way — splitting time between remote and in-person meetings with clients. At Connect4, we’re ready to support innovative businesses and teams to run both types of meetings!

Let’s explore how how to use Connect4 for in-person client meetings meetings!

Connect4 in-person meeting start

In-person client meetings on Connect4

The Connect4 platform is well known for being able to host video meetings, but did you know you can run in-person meetings on it too?

All meeting formats in a Connect4 pod allows for use of the meeting workflow tools. Set an agenda and share it before with participants of the meeting. Use the agenda to guide the conversation on a device and take meeting minutes when you meet. Use the platform to update action agreed and edit meeting notes to share via email with meeting participants. Making the pod an all-in-one place for all participants, ensuring communication of the meeting is easy to find for future reference.  

Connect4 in-person meeting room tools

When using the in-person or phone call mode, you’ll be able to set an agenda, make notes and set actions. This gives the full functionality of Connect4 for all meeting formats to keep a history of meetings while operating in a hybrid working style. 

How do I start an in-person client meeting?

Just like with a video call, you’ll set up the Connect4 pod to prepare for your meeting and use when ready to begin.

Before meeting:

Prepare the pod by setting up an agenda to guide the conversation in-person using your screen. This could be on a display in a meeting room, laptop, tablet or even your phone. Once the agenda is set, use the email agenda functionality to email the agenda to all the meeting participants. Explore the email agenda functionality here.

To start the meeting:

Start the meeting by navigating to the pod using your calendar link or My pods. Once in, click “Start Meeting” as shown below:

Connect4 pod view before an in-person meeting

After starting an in-person or phone call meeting, you’ll have a pod meeting view on the screen featuring two sides:

  • Agenda to guide the conversation. Also, provides access to past meetings and resources.
  • Meeting tool tabs of Minutes, Actions and Private to during the meeting

After meeting:

Once your meeting has ended, you’ll have the ability to come back into the post meeting workflow to send an email summary to all pod participants. 

Look deeper into this tool here in this support article from our team. 

What if my client wants to join on their mobile device? 

This in-person or phone call mode is also handy if your client isn’t able to access a computer — perhaps they’re on speakerphone in a car — allowing you to call them, but use Connect4 on your computer or device whilst they are on their phone!

Meaning you can stay organised with the conversation and flexible to fit their changing needs for meeting format. 

Why keep track of in-person client meetings?

Any meeting that follows a ‘prepare, meet, act’ workflow will be more productive and will help lead to better progress and happy clients. In person meetings need the same preparation to be productive. Use the Connect4 workflow to make meeting preparation easy by setting agendas with templates, sharing before the meeting and allowing participants to suggest talking points. After the meeting, use the meeting workflow to add the notes taken on any screens or note pads easily as meeting minutes. Then share the insights and actions set in the meeting. All to encourage progress in your relationship. 

The benefits of using Connect4 for in-person client meetings

All meetings held in Connect4 are recorded as “past meetings” with the meeting minutes referenceable 24/7 by your client and team. This makes using Connect4 for in-person meetings an all in one place for client meetings to keep everyone, especially those not meeting in-person, in the loop. 

Also, the tested workflow of Connect4 ensure any type of meeting is run in your businesses best practices. The preparation before the meeting using templates and sharing tools ensures everyone is prepared across your team to deliver impact. While the after meeting delivery ensures your client and team are aware of the results on the meeting. All for empowering your team to run impactful client meetings.

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