Connect4 welcomes Sarah Broderick

What a year!

I think all of us feel like that about the last 12 months. I, Andrew, the CEO at Connect4 feel the same way.

Looking back – encouraging feedback and clients

One incredible thing that has happened over the last few months particularly is the coming together of an exceptional team at Connect4. It gets me very excited about how far we can go in helping you serve clients in the new normal.

Connect4 has seen many new client facing organisations join us as Seed Partners over the last 6 months. It has been a privilege to learn from each one of them to continue to improve our online meeting platform for small firms and organisations. With that exciting encouragement and feedback I am delighted to announce a third Co-Founder joining the Connect4 mission.

Back at the beginning of the year I was joined by Ben Ritchie- an experienced CTO in multiple start-ups and most recently the Chief Product Officer at the award winning Cognism. Ben joined as the second Co-Founder and conversations were well underway with our final Co-Founder joining the team as Chief Operating Officer.

Looking forward – Introducing our third Co-Founder and COO

Ben and I, along with the rest of the Connect4 team, are delighted to be joined by Sarah Broderick as Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder.

The Connect4 Founders:
Ben Ritchie (CTO); Sarah Broderick (COO); Andrew Jordon (CEO)

Sarah is working closely with Jon Oakley, our Head of Sales, and Rory Macrae, our Head of Design to onboard, support and reach as many client facing organisations as we can to ensure that no more valuable online meeting time is wasted!

Sarah grew up in the USA- originally coming over to the UK after a decade in private equity and asset management to take a position at Cambridge Judge Business School to complete an MBA.

On completing the MBA Sarah made her transition to software, working in several start-ups as well as larger organisations, such as IHS Markit most recently as Chief Revenue Officer at

What excites Sarah about Connect4?

Many client facing professionals have realised there’s a gap in remote meeting tools. We need digital tools that drive the most important components of relationship development – delivery, transparency, flexibility and consistency.

Not just facilitating a video call.

Connect4 is the new way forward. With Connect4’s unique “pod approach” client facing professionals tap into the workflows of meetings from agenda setting to delivery and post meeting accountability. Pods aid the development of valuable professional relationships and giving clients the advice they need to thrive.

Welcome Sarah – the team and I are delighted to have you with us.

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Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon

Andrew is the CEO at Connect4 and is passionate about meaningful online connection. Based in Cambridge, UK. Andrew is an accountant, a Trustee at Prison Fellowship, previously Director at Fathom and a big fan of all sport.

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