How to run online client meetings the right way

Client meetings are an essential feature of successful client relationships. But they can be make or break. They can build stronger client relationships and increase your chances of winning new work. But without a carefully considered process they can become tiring and inefficient.

Andrew Jordon, CEO of Connect4 joins Anika Zubair, VP of Success at Karbon, and Joe David, Founder of UK accounting firms Nephos and Myna, to discuss how they deliver the best client meetings possible using Karbon and Connect4.

Find out:

  • What is the the Prepare. Meet. Act. workflow?
  • How can you empower your team to run effective client meetings?
  • How can you build a client meeting playbook for discovery, onboarding and ongoing client services?
  • How can you stand out in your most important client interactions?
  • How do Karbon and Connect4 integrate together to streamline your meeting process?

Connect4 + Karbon

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