Enacting change: One tech tool and one inmate at a time

Apart from a successful business career, Andrew Jordon is also the youngest trustee and treasurer at Prison Fellowship, the world’s largest Christian non-profit organization for prisoner and justice reform. In this episode, Andrew and Stuart talk about Andrew’s early career, the story of finding Connect4 and where it’s heading. They also discuss charity, and how Andrew’s values in business align with values outside of work.

  • Andrew’s background (1:00)
  • Why Andrew decided not to pursue a career in accounting (2:00)
  • Andrew’s time in Brisbane, Australia (4:00)
  • Andrew’s return to the UK and time at Fathom (5:00)
  • The story of founding Connect4 (7:30)
  • The solution for poor client communication and education (9:00)
  • Is proactive communication embraced by the accounting industry? (10:30)
  • Andrew’s experience with Connect4 so far (12:30)
  • Client feedback on the Connect4 product offering (14:00)
  • Potential verticals for Connect4 (16:00)
  • Future plans for Connect4 (17:00)
  • Andrew’s interests outside of work (18:00)
  • Andrew’s experience as a trustee and treasurer at Prison Fellowship (19:00)
  • Andrew’s plans for the rest of the year (22:00)

Accounting Leaders Podcast - Andrew Jordon

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