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Seasoned CTO and founder Ben Ritchie explains why he has joined the Connect4 team.

As I’ve become more senior, the topics I’m dealing with are more uncertain, impact more people and require discussion to form alignment across groups. Rightly or wrongly, I’ve found myself in meetings more often.

Having been lucky enough to report into great CEOs, I’ve seen how they always spent time before and after meetings preparing an agenda, finishing with action points and following up with a meeting summary. And yet there are no tools that really capture that.

I’ve developed techniques that help me to manage switching between meetings and carry context forward from meeting to meeting and ensuring that I don’t lose track of action points. 

So when Andrew, CEO at Connect4, reached out to me to tell me about how he was tackling these problems I knew it is an unsolved problem with great potential. 

Even if an internal team manages to mash together a few technologies and form an informal workflow there is no way they can bring that frankenstein to their clients. We increase your clients likelihood of signing up and staying with you by delivering a slick onboarding and service experience out of the box.

We are building technologies for : 

  • Meeting histories, agendas, action points + follow-ups
  • Video recording tagging and management
  • GDPR-safe resource sharing
  • Integrations into CRM + accounting software

I’m excited to be joining Connect4 to help professionals win and maintain the trust of their clients by organising their interactions and expectations, valuing the important conversations without creating overhead for either side.

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Ben Ritchie

An Oxford graduate with Math and Computation degree, Ben spent a decade working on the FX trading floors of major investment banks doing Quant work and building trading tools. Inspired by the success of Twitter and Facebook, he left to start his first startup in 2010. He has worked as Interim CTO and built three startups from scratch, one of which grew to $1m ARR in Y1. His last role was Chief Product Officer taking Cognism through Series A+B funding rounds and doubling team-size and revenue.

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