The magic of turning a prospect into a client using video meetings

Here’s our advice for transforming prospects into clients in a hybrid working world. It’s all possible with the magic of our meeting platform, Connect4!

Nowadays, business is adjusting. With hybrid working styles becoming a permanent fixture, what can you do to ensure that the latter stages of your prospecting process are operating effectively?

The answer is two-fold:

A) You need a stand-out approach to convert prospects into clients;

B) Use a digital client meeting platform effectively to get the most out the process.


Look no further for a client meeting platform! Start your Connect4 experience today!

What comes after the first prospect meeting?

So, you’ve had your first prospective client or customer meeting and it’s been a success! The prospect has hinted that they either want to employ your service or pay for your product.

How should you be conducting your next meetings in the prospecting process? Or, if there is further convincing that needs to be done to convert your prospect, how can you carry out these meetings best?

We’ve interviewed our Head of Sales at Connect4, Jon Oakley for some expert advice (1). He had some great insight into prospecting in general – well-worth a read if you’re considering how to begin processes and establish your company’s prospecting techniques.

In terms of your first meeting with a prospect, we’ve also mapped out our recommendation for that initial structure (2).

But now we’re going to show you how to move on from the foundation of the first prospective client conversation. There’s a magic involved in connecting the dots and, before you know it, abracadabra! Prospects will be turned into paying customers or clients in no time!

How to turn a prospect into a client: the approach

Converting a prospect into a client or customer may take 1 to several meetings. This all depends on the size of your company’s sales team, your processes and your product. However, there are some goals that you can set in place for the entire prospecting process. Let’s explore 4 key tools to convert a prospect.

  1. Build trust All effective relationships are built on trust and client relationships are no different. A prospecting process that establishes trust will only encourage a flourishing client relationship. From the first meeting, it’s important to focus on this.
  2. Be consistently transparent Transparency goes with building trust for your prospect. If you are open and encourage transparent conversation, you can quickly discover your prospect’s honest pain points and work out the best ways to solve these problems.
  3. Demonstrate accountability Your prospect will want to convert to your client if they can tell that you take accountability and put effort into the relationship. Keep to your promises on what you say you’ll deliver and show your client when you have delivered!
  4. Provide consistently great service with a client-centric approach Encouraging good meeting practices will help your offering to stand out from the crowd, especially in this hybrid world. A client-centric approach to meetings and an effective post-meeting workflow will help your prospects to feel valued right from the start of your relationship.

How Connect4 can help!

Connect4 is a client meeting platform that enables you to set the stage for the magic of your client-centric service. The video call is a hugely important element of our platform, but it’s the accompanying meeting tools that really unlock the magic of client relationships. So let’s show you exactly what they do! Here is how to activate the 4 key ways to convert a prospect on Connect4.

If you like what you see, we’d really enjoy learning about your business’ methodology and how Connect4 can help. Arrange a time to speak with our team here.

Building trust? Our pods were designed with this in mind!

Pods are where prospective client meetings happen on Connect4. We like to say it’s the “Place or Destination” (i.e. pod) for kicking off great client relationships. A pod is a single safe space that can be returned to time and again.

Every new prospect will meet you and your team in a pod that is setup for streamlined meetings. Whether you meet your prospect virtually or in-person, your meeting history is all there and available to be referenced at any time.

Participants can access the pod, even when you don’t have meeting scheduled. Giving your prospect this resource means you allow them access to records of past prospect meetings, as well as a place to conduct video calls and set meeting actions.

Consistent transparency starts with agendas and meeting notes ✏️

A sure-fire way to establish trust with a prospect and push them closer to conversion, is to prove your honesty. If meetings are properly structured and recorded then your prospect will be able to reference what was discussed at any time. On Connect4, the ability to look back at meeting details will allow your prospect to feel more in control. And, thus, more likely to convert.

Our timed agenda feature gives a structure to every meeting along the prospecting journey. While you would have made a great first impression, be sure that if a second prospecting meeting is needed that your agenda is on point. Why not use one of our expert agenda templates to help you? You can read more about the Connect4 agenda feature and our expert agenda library here.

The Connect4 Expert Agenda template library with an example of a loaded timed agenda.

Our meeting minute feature enables easily transcribed and shared meeting notes. When you’re leading your prospect through the prospecting process, we recommend prioritising the meeting record. Not only does this help the prospect, but this record will be super helpful for your internal sales team too. Anyone picking up this prospective client in the next meeting will be able to see exactly what has happened and be able to work asynchronously.

Accountability in ‘action’ ✅

Connect4 helps to turn your ‘next steps’ with your prospect into agreed Actions.

This tool is vital to proving your accountability that will be really attractive to anyone thinking of hiring your services.

Actions are tasks assigned to pod attendees. They can be created and assigned before, during and after meetings in each pod.

Between your first and second prospecting meetings, be sure to assign AND tick off your actions in the pod. How impressive is that to a prospective client?! But as part of the qualifying process, be sure to also assign actions to your prospect. This helps to indicate the effectiveness of the potential future client relationship.

Great client service = the post-meeting workflow

Our post-meeting workflow formalises meeting notes and facilitates the sharing of agreed actions, pulling it all together in a post meeting email.

This is vital to the prospecting process, especially between the first and second meeting.

The most important part of prospecting is the through-line and keeping the conversation with your prospect going.

The post-meeting workflow will enable the conversation to continue post-meeting and set the progress in motion.

We find that this feature establishes good meeting practices for all, even those who might be reluctant. And good meeting practices result in better, more open relationships.

By the way, as our email function can sync with CRM or PM tools, simply using Connect4 in prospecting helps to create a helpful meeting record. Proof of prospect meetings is really important to document as you analyse the success of your business.


In summary, Connect4 enables a client-centric prospecting experience. Whatever the prospecting process looks like for your company, let Connect4 provide the magic and join the dots for you.

The client-centric prospecting experience on the platform can also easily convert to client-centric delivery, as onboarding moves into client management with ease. The through line of the client relationship from first meeting right through to its conclusion is something special that Connect4 can provide. You might even say…it’s magic!


Do you believe in the magic of Connect4? Start your experience today!


  1. How to have a prospective client meeting: A Connect4 Conversation with Jon Oakley
  2. How to win a client: building trust with your first impression

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