Connect4 users’ top 5 features of 2021

What a year! Connect4 has come a long way in 12 months, from building out our team to being nominated for product innovation of the year.

Most importantly of course, we welcomed a tonne of new organisations to the platform. This is a short recap of our users favourite new product features of 2021.

5. Summary emails

We first introduced post-meeting summary emails back in March and we’ve continued to evolve the feature ever since. 

Our users find summary emails to be the best way to formally debrief after a meeting with clients. It allows them to summarise decisions that were made and make sure that everyone knows what needs to be done before the next meeting. It also enables meeting summaries to go straight into practice management software such as Karbon, Senta or Pixie.

Just this month, we’ve updated the summary email feature so that you can now easily select which members of your pod you want to send to (instead of sending to everyone by default).

Send an email summary

4. Meeting insights

Back in July, we launched meeting insights. Meeting insights allow managers and team members to quickly see at a glance how well organised meetings across their organization are. A high score (and a smiley face) is indicative of a pod where meetings are well run, ie they have clear agendas, comprehensive meeting notes and actions for the next meeting.

We’re super excited about meeting insights. What we’ve released so far is just the very start — we have plenty more planned to help teams to continually improve their clients’ meeting experiences.

Meeting insights
Meeting health score

3. Action items

We introduced action items to the platform back in May. Action items allow you to easily keep track of what you’ve agreed to do after each meeting. Crucially, you can even assign actions to your client — no more excuses for them forgetting to send through those documents!

Action items are another area where we have big plans for 2022. We have a number of exciting integrations in the works that will send meeting actions straight to a practice management system.

Outstanding action items
Outstanding action items

2. Personal pods

We launched personal pods back in August and our users have been absolutely loving it ever since!

Every user gets their own personal pod. Your personal pod is a great place for ad-hoc catch-ups (where you don’t need to keep a record of what’s discussed) and sales calls with prospective new clients (as it works brilliantly with tools such as Calendly).

It’s also a great introduction to the Connect4 platform as you don’t need a paid subscription to host meetings in your personal pod. And, people who join your personal pod for a meeting don’t even need a Connect4 account!

You can find out more about free online meetings on Connect4 here.

My personal pod

1. Agendas

Without a doubt, our most loved feature on the platform is… meeting agendas. We’ve had agendas on the platform from the very beginning in 2020, but we made some pretty major upgrades to it in 2021. Including; a brand new composer screen and expert agendas.


We won’t bore you with the research, but it’s pretty clear that the number one thing you can do to get the most out of your client meetings is to make sure you write (and distribute) a clear agenda

Agendas on Connect4 are super easy to create/edit and they’re collaborative too; your clients can suggest a talking point to be added to the upcoming meeting agenda.

Every past agenda is stored in your past meetings feed, so you can quickly check to see what you intended to cover. And you can fire off an email with the agenda to members of your pod with just one click.


Over the past few weeks we’ve been making some exciting product plans for the new year. We’re also continuing to expand our development team, so expect an even-more-rapid roll-out of new features and upgrades in 2021. 

Don’t forget to sign-up to receive our product updates and continue to send any feature ideas through to [email protected].

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Rory Macrae

Rory is Connect4’s Head of Design. He leads the design of the app as well as all things related to the Connect4 brand.

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