Top 10 apps client centric accounting firms are using in 2021

In 2020 and 2021 accounting firms were required to rely heavily on two things to support small business during the Pandemic:

Software and Conversations.

But what software were the most client centric firms using to support their client conversations?

Firms across the US, UK and South Africa used Connect4 to create a branded safe space to regularly meet with clients.  A professional, personal and productive shared space to deliver exceptional client service.

Each of these spaces in Connect4 is called a ‘pod’.  A pod is simply a cloud based flexible place or destination to meet with a client or customer.  It is accessible for use 24/7 by clients between meetings to reference past meeting notes, view documents and take actions on assigned tasks. It is also a single point to easily find the software services you use together or to screen share on a call. 

Adding a software service to a pod brings all your logins for a client to one place- be it banking, forecasting, bookkeeping, accounting, or practice management software.

At Connect4 we aggregated all the software services added to pods to find the top used software with clients.  Approximately 1000 software services were added to a pod in the period.

And the results are in!

Top 10 software services added

Number 1: Xero

It is not too surprising that accountants will need to regularly talk through with their clients accounting treatment, journal raising, bank reconciling and more.  New features such as Xero short term cash flow may well have led to increased conversations around cashflow planning, working capital management or furlough or government support optimisation.

Number 2: Dext

This one was more surprising.  Coming in at number two was not another accounting software provider but in fact a receipt capture application.  Over 150 pods had Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) added as a software service.  Dext’s acquisition of Xavier seems to have deepened its relevance to accountants wanting a more regular view of clients book-keeping and cashflow status.

Number 3: Quickbooks

Although pipped by Dext- Quickbooks is a solid number two choice as accounting software for client centric firms in 2021.

Number 4: Fathom

Fathom’s steady rise in the management reporting and business performance analysis sector is shown in our data.  Potentially aided by the long awaited for forecasting and business road mapping functionality.  Fathom is a definite favoured add on for firms wanting to be on the top of their game with regular client conversations.

Hear more from Darren Glanville about using Fathom during or before a client meeting.

Number 5: Pixie

Pixie’s growth in the practice management sector in 2021 has been clear to see.  It’s simple task management, email management and workflow setting for small firms and book-keepers has meant it has (narrowly) made it as the top practice management solution added to a Connect4 pod.

Learn how to link Connect4’s meeting notes into Pixie’s client records.

Number 6: Karbon

Karbon is the dominant player in the practice management space for medium sized firms.  The powerful workflow management solutions has made it a top pick for firms looking to streamline best practice firm wide.

Learn more about using Connect4 with Karbon today (with more to come thanks to our Connect4 customer feedback!)

Number 7: FreeAgent

The third of the accounting software platforms to make the top 10 and a favourite for smaller clients.

Number 8: AutoEntry

Sage owned AutoEntry continues to have a strong presence in accounting firms’ arsenal for automating data entry with clients.

Number 9: Loom

A personal favourite of ours.  Loom allows you to re-use instructional videos for clients on topics such as how to set up Dext for the first time, or how to incorporate a company.  Alternatively you can create one off videos such as a walk through of Fathom or Syft Analytics monthly management reports.

Using Connect4 with Loom to create a unique resource library for your client

Number 10: Float

The only short-term cashflow forecasting solution to make the top 10.  Float has proved a valuable addition for accountants to assist clients with ongoing cash management.

How to take the assumption out of client conversations on cashflow

Learn more in this short overview of how to add software services to your pods.

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Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon

Andrew is the CEO at Connect4 and is passionate about meaningful online connection. Based in Cambridge, UK. Andrew is an accountant, a Trustee at Prison Fellowship, previously Director at Fathom and a big fan of all sport.

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