Product update: Agenda templates, timers & Xero

Small month, BIG on product updates. Here’s what’s new on Connect4 this February. 

1. Agenda library

We’ve upgraded our agenda library so that it’s more accessible for everybody. You’ll now see Agendas sitting in the top navigation bar, right next to Pods. This means you no longer need to go into a pod to access agenda templates or create your own templates. This is even accessible on our free plan.

Connect4’s agenda builder allows you to easily add and arrange meeting talking points and timings. You can save agendas as templates and share them across your organisation to be used by the whole team. 

Our library of pre-built expert templates also enables you to quickly add an agenda straight out of the box. 

2. Timer

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. We’ve added a neat little meeting timer to help you keep those meetings from dragging on longer than they should!

When a meeting has gone on longer than it should, it turns dangerously red… 

3. Pod list view

We’ve had lots of requests for this feature so we’re pretty excited to present a new list view on your main pod dashboard (just click the little ‘list’ icon in the top right corner). 

Some of our users have hundreds of pods with many meetings each week, so this should make it easier to see what’s important at a glance.

The new pod list format is also accompanied by another new feature designed to help keep your meetings super organised…

4. Best-practice meeting badges

You probably hear us talk a lot about the importance of good client meeting ‘hygiene’. We call the best practice client meeting process the ‘Prepare, Meet, Act’ workflow. 

Having a process is irrelevant of course if you and your team don’t follow it… That’s why we’ve introduced some new badges to signify when elements of the meeting workflow are complete.

There are two badges that tell you about the last meeting; whether notes were taken and whether a summary email was sent (you won’t see these badges in brand-new pods where a meeting hasn’t taken place already). 

There is also an additional badge that shows once a meeting has been scheduled. This signifies whether or not an agenda has been set (every meeting should have an agenda!). 

You’re striving for green ticks against all three of course.

5. Xero sign-up

And a sneaky extra one to finish up. We’ve been working behind the scenes with some exciting Xero integrations — more on this in the future. In the meantime, you can now sign up to Connect4 using your Xero login.

This is super useful for clients who just want to get up and running on Connect4 as quickly as possible.

New users can simply hit the ‘Sign up with Xero’ button on the sign-up screen.

For those who already have a Connect4 account, you can connect your Xero account in your profile settings. 

Find out more about connecting Connect4 and Xero >


As always, we’re keen to get your opinions on new features as well as suggestions for future upgrades. Send ’em over to [email protected].

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Rory Macrae

Rory is Connect4’s Head of Design. He leads the design of the app as well as all things related to the Connect4 brand.

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