It’s good to talk with... Viv Brownrigg

#02 Being intentional with business advice

Viv Brownrigg

Vivienne Brownrigg / The Gap

Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon / Connect4

Viv is a Co-Founder at The Gap. Based in New Zealand, Viv is passionate about how business advisory can be delivered by accountants to ensure client success.

In this episode Andrew, CEO at Connect4, and Viv talk about how important accountants’ conversations with clients really are. Not just ensuring you are having regular conversations but that you are doing those conversations well. Viv talks through why ‘pre-meeting work’ is essential for a successful structured client conversation. Coming to the meeting prepared. Asking the right questions as an Advisor (note not necessarily having the right answers at hand). Forming the right ‘Bridges’. Delivering a Complimentary Client Review.

This interview is jammed pack of how you can make the most of the digital client offering! One not to miss.

  1. Introductions
  2. Do accountants talk to their clients enough?
  3. The importance of ‘pre-work’
  4. How does the Gap help accountants to communicate?
  5. The Gap platform walkthrough

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