It's good to talk with Van, Syft

#08 Bringing the human touch to client meetings

Van Kyriazis

Van Kyriazis / Syft Analytics

David Tuck

David Tuck / Connect4

In this episode, David Tuck calls South Africa to talk with Van Kyriazis – co-founder of Syft Analytics. They discuss all things accountant-client communication and the critical importance of regular face-to-face and real-time conversations. Van’s advice for great client service is to find any opportunity to bring the human touch to your client meetings.

Van also gives us a quick tour of Syft towards the end of the episode.

Syft Analytics is a reporting and data analytics software that helps accountants to create beautiful financial reports and insights for their clients.

Van founded the company in 2016 and makes it his mission to transform the way companies utilise financial data. The Syft app now serves over 50,000 businesses, in more than 50 countries, that go on to produce thousands of reports, dashboards and actionable insights every single month.

  1. Introductions
  2. Background experience with clients
    • the critical importance of face-to-face client communication
    • finding opportunities to talk with clients in order to build relationships
  3. How do accountants communicate with their clients?
    • What do they do well, where can they improve?
  4. Effect of the pandemic
    • changes in client communication
  5. The Syft platform
    • How do accountants use software to explain outputs to their clients?
  6. Demonstration
  7. How people can find out more about Syft

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