It’s good to talk with... Phil Ellerby

#03 The business of relationships

Phil Ellerby

Phil Ellerby / Northern Accountants

David Tuck

David Tuck / Connect4

Phil Ellerby set up Northern Accountants in 2008 with two goals. Firstly to provide his customers with access to a full finance department at the fraction of the cost of hiring one and secondly to help business owners with personal legacy planning.

David Tuck caught up with Phil to talk about client relationships and how they’ve changed in recent years. This episode is packed full of insights for accounting practice owners, from onboarding clients during a pandemic to championing communication across a remote team. Get stuck in!

  1. Client conversations during the pandemic
  2. Phil’s approach to talking with clients
  3. Onboarding clients remotely
  4. Encouraging the team to talk with clients
  5. An impactful conversation

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