It's good to talk with...Matt Williams

#07 Getting clients through the pandemic…and beyond

It's good to talk with...Matt Williams

Matt Williams / Cypher

Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon / Connect4

In this episode of It’s good to talk with clients, Connect4 CEO Andrew chats to Matt Williams, the founder of Cypher. Cypher is a forward-thinking digital accounting firm that brings cloud-based accounting to growing businesses in the Oxford area.

Matt gives us some fascinating insight into some of the ‘talking’ he’s been doing with clients over the past year, focussing on the effects of the pandemic. As Andrew and Matt unpack the different kinds of meetings happening between client and accountant during these difficult times, Matt champions the productive output of virtual client meetings and lifts our spirits with a positive forecast for the British High Street.

And if you’d like to hear more from Matt, his fantastic podcast, Mind Your Own Business, is available here.

  1. Introductions
  2. Talking with Clients
    • Have you always tried to talk to your clients regularly?
  3. Cypher’s Client Meetings
  4. The Pandemic
    • How has it changed the way you speak to your clients?
    • Do you and your team speak to clients more regularly?
  5. Virtual vs Face-to-face Client Meetings
  6. Getting Clients Through the Pandemic
  7. Recent example of client conversations that have made a real difference
    • What impact can a conversation have with a client?
  8. And beyond the Pandemic…?

Cypher Website

Cypher LinkedIn

Matt Williams LinkedIn

Listen to Matt Williams’ and Alan Clarke’s Podcast, ‘Mind Your Own Business

The ‘Mind Your Own Business’ Podcast episode that Matt mentions in this interview: ‘Episode 12 – Beyond Covid: Resurrecting the Mission Statement’

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