It‘s good to talk with... Hannah Dawson

#14 Predicting the future

Hannah Dawson - Futrli

Hannah Dawson / Futrli

David Tuck

David Tuck / Connect4

In the last of our current series, David Tuck catches up with Hannah Dawson, the formidable founder and CEO of Futrli.

Hannah is a passionate advocate for frequent straight-talking conversations between accountants and their clients. Back in 2003, she bought a pub in Devon and became frustrated with the accounting world. This lead her to start Futrli and begin a lifelong mission to make communication between accountants and their clients simpler, quicker and easy.

In this episode, Hannah discusses some of her early experiences, where the accounting industry is at now and what’s on the forecast for the future.

  • Hannah Dawson, introduction
  • The past, present and future of client communication
  • Demo: How Futrli helps improve accountant–client relationships

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