It’s good to talk with... Darren Glanville

#04 Talking through the numbers

Darren Glanville

Darren Glanville / Fathom

Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon / Connect4

Andrew, CEO at Connect4, talks with Darren, recently appointed Fathom EMEA manager and accounting industry veteran. Darren explains the last twenty years of the business advisory or business development client services provided by accountants. How technology has changed the playing field for accountants? But also what are the pitfalls of not regularly talking with clients?

Darren speaks from his time at award accounting firm, Valued, the importance of cashflow as well as the importance of accountants not making assumptions about clients wants and needs.

We then get a tour through how an advisor can use new and improved Fathom features in a Connect4 client meeting!

  1. Introducing Darren Glanville, EMEA Director at Fathom.
  2. How often do accountants talk with clients?
  3. What should accountants be regularly talking to clients about?
  4. How do the best Fathom users help their clients? What has talk got to do with it?
  5. How to run a client meeting supported by Fathom

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