It’s good to talk with... Chris Kensington, Brisan

#11 Building space for constructive conversations

Chris Kensington

Chris Kensington / Brisan Accountancy

Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon / Connect4

Connect4 CEO, Andrew Jordon, talks with the Director of Brisan Accountancy, Chris Kensington, all about how his firm approaches client communication.

With a wealth of experience in helping construction clients, Chris and the team at Brisan Accountancy work hard to improve business profitability and give their clients more time to do what they want.

How can an accountant have a meaningful impact on the construction industry? How do apps and software make regular communication easier for those clients, like construction workers, who spend their working days out in the field? Can accountant-client conversations really be mutually helpful and impactful?

Find out the answers to these questions (and a lot more!) in this episode of Its good to talk with clients.

  • Introductions
    • Brisan Accountancy’s experience with construction industry clients
  • Using software to help regular client communication
  • Delegating client communication in the Brisan team
  • Adding value to the construction industry
  • When regular, meaningful communication with a Brisan client revealed they were a victim of fraud!
  • How the pandemic affected accountant-client relationships
  • Mutually beneficial accountant-client conversations 🤝
  • How to win business during and post pandemic

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