It’s good to talk with... Aynsley Damery

#13 Bringing ‘clarity’ to business advisory

Aynsley Damery

Aynsley Damery / Clarity

David Tuck

David Tuck / Connect4

In this episode of It’s good to talk with clients, David Tuck chats to Aynsley Damery about the importance of constant and clear client communication throughout the business advisory journey.

Aynsley, who comes from an accountancy background, has a wealth of experience in building client relationships. He was one of the pioneers in pushing the accountancy landscape to evolve from compliance-based to the exciting world of business advisory.

In 2018, Aynsley founded and became the CEO of Clarity – an award-winning business advisory platform for accountants.

Clarity exists to give accountants the tools to create more money, time and freedom for themselves and their small business clients. The platform engages a firm’s team to deliver business support to 100% of their clients and prove, with astounding numbers, why ‘it’s good to talk with clients’.

Don’t miss out on Aynsley’s fascinating insight into what it is that’s holding back accountants from effective client communication, including: personality types, the pandemic make-or-break; and a dangerous reliance on automation.

  • Introduction
  • Aynsley’s experience as an accountant
    • The evolution of client communication tools – from fax to consistent communication being a ‘fact of life’
    • Why is effective communication important? Because clients need an adviser they feel they can trust.
    • ‘Accountants are going to save the world’ – Prince Charles
  • Accountants Talking with Clients
    • What’s holding accountants back from communicating effectively with clients?
    • The deadly over-reliance on automation
    • Personalities in an accounting firm
    • The make or break for firms – how you’ve handled your clients over the pandemic will hugely affect your success
  • The Clarity platform
    • Problems facing small businesses
    • How accountants can solve those problems
    • Why Clarity? Implementation, Leverage, Success.
    • Business advisory, made simple.

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