It’s good to talk with... Accountancy Manager

#06 Building accounting practice efficiencies

Jonathan Stobart

Jonathan Stobart / Accountancy Manager

Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon / Connect4

Andrew caught up with Jonathan Stobart, Head of Marketing in this episode to talk about all things accountants and their clients.

Jonathan is Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Accountancy Manager, an award-winning practice management platform that automates everyday tasks. He has been involved in marketing to accountants for more than 10 years and shares some valuable insights into the challenges faced by those working in firms today.

  1. Introductions
  2. Are accountants good at talking to their clients? Do they enjoy it or struggle with it?
  3. Has the pandemic changed the client and accountant relationship?
  4. Why is Accountancy Manager so useful when working as a remote firm?
  5. Taking a look at the Accountancy Manager platform

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