Product update: recurring meetings, guest access & insights

July has been yet another bumper month for product updates. 

Here goes!

1. Send your agenda via email

Last month we announced some upgrades to the meeting summary email that you can send out once you have completed your meeting notes.

This month, we’re happy to announce that you can now send a copy of your meeting agenda to all pod members, before your meeting. We’re passionate about making meetings more productive, and making sure that you share a clear agenda ahead of time, really is the first step towards achieving this. 

2. Enter meetings as a guest

One of the biggest new changes this month is that guests can now join Connect4 meetings without registering on the platform. Guests can simply click on a link to a Connect4 pod to go straight into a video call. 

Guests who are not registered yet will see a restricted version of the pod. They can still interact over video, but they won’t be able to access meeting notes and resources until they’ve signed-up.

We did a full write-up of this new feature earlier this month, so be sure to check it out!

Note: when you turn off your video, the screen will show your user avatar 🙂

Access Connect4 meetings without registering. Read more >

3. Add team members to your pod with one click

Typing out your team-mate’s email address has always been a bit of a pain. But no longer! If you have added team members to your organisation you will now be able to easily select them when you’re assembling your pod.

4. Make your pods visible to the rest of the team

Transparency is essential for teams to be able to perform at a high level. We’ve therefore made it even easier to share pods across your team, without having to add each person to a pod. 

When you set up a new pod (or edit an existing one), you’ll now see a new option to make the pod ‘Visible to all team members’.

Your teammates will now be able to see this pod in a new section in the sidebar labeled ‘Team member pods’. They will be able to access the pod via regular guest entry, but won’t be able to access meeting notes and resources until they have actually been added to the pod.

Don’t worry, if you still want to keep a pod private, you can! You can choose to not make the pod visible to everyone by simply turning the slider off.

5. Tab activity notifier

Isn’t it annoying when someone sticks something into the resources tab and you don’t even notice? No more! You’ll now see a little pink dot over inactive tabs that are updated during a meeting.

6. Recurring meetings

Connect4 is all about lasting business relationships — pods are for life, not just one meeting! We know that lots of our customers hold meetings with their clients on a recurring basis. So now whenever you set up a meeting, you can set it to recur over a set number of days, weeks or months.

When you set a meeting to recur, a follow-up meeting is automatically scheduled after each meeting. For example, if you set a meeting to recur every 7 days at 15:00, when you finish your first meeting, a second one will automatically be scheduled seven days after, at 15:00.

7. Meeting insights

We also officially launched our meeting insights dashboard this month. You can now check the ‘meeting health’ of your pods — each given a percentage rating to tell you how well you are doing with your pre and post meeting activities. We’ve written a whole post on that, so do check it out!


Meeting health score: how to do client meetings the right way. Read more >

Meeting health score

Get involved!

It’s been a huge month for Connect4 upgrades. As always, please do get in touch with us at [email protected] to let us know what you think about the new updates or to suggest features you’d like to see in the future. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to run through the new features with one of our team, please fill out our demo booking form.

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Rory Macrae

Rory is Connect4’s Head of Design. He leads the design of the app as well as all things related to the Connect4 brand.

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