Product update: Personal pod upgrade & performance boosts

October has been all go at C4 HQ. We were honoured to be nominated for ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ at the Accounting Excellence Awards. And we’ve welcomed a slew of new firms to the platform in recent weeks, including Zyla Accountants, Shorts, SmallBiz Accounts, Heaton Vences and E2E Accountancy. Meanwhile we keep improving our offering, week-in, week-out.

Here’s a round-up of the product updates we’ve pushed out in October 2021.

1. Personal pod upgrades

We announced the launch of personal pods back in August. Every Connect4 user (including free accounts) gets their own personal pod where they can host ad-hoc meetings and access some of our unique client meeting tools.

This month we’ve made some updates to make them even better:

i) Company branding

Teams which have a paid subscription with branding enabled will now see their logo inside their personal pods. 

This makes personal pods especially powerful for informal discovery calls with potential new clients. Show off your branding with pride in your first interaction (and stand out in a glut of Zoom calls).

Connect4 customers Doughgetters’ pod branding

ii) Resources

By popular demand, we’ve now added resources to personal pods (yes — even on free accounts). Store commonly used documents in your pod and share with anybody you share your personal link with.

2. Improved screen-share quality

We know that lots of our customers like to share complex spreadsheets and dashboards via the screen share functionality and we’ve worked hard to make sure it’s the highest possible quality.

Connect4 uses the same cutting-edge browser-based WebRTC technology that the likes of Google Meet uses and we believe that our screen share compares favourably.

Let us know what you think!

Crystal clear screen-share

3. Improved audio device handling

If you’re a user that has multiple audio/microphone options — different speakers and headphones or plugins such as — we have an update for you. We’ve updated our software to seamlessly switch between different audio devices, without re-connecting. Connect4 will immediately detect changes and switch to use the relevant device.

This should prove particularly powerful for users with slightly dodgy bluetooth connections on their headphones — no more dipping in and out of a meeting!

4. Pod and meeting usability upgrades

We’ve made editing meeting details and meeting participants easier to access — you can now go straight into the participants list from a handy drop-down.

And you can even cancel a meeting (not that you would ever want to do that)!

5. Outstanding actions at a glance

You’ll now see the number of meeting actions you have outstanding in the top right of the navigation bar, next to the ‘Actions’ link. Just in case you forgot how busy you are.

Take Connect4 for a spin, on your own

In addition to the updates above we’ve also made some big improvements to the way in which new trialists can get started (for free) on the platform.

It now takes less than a minute to get signed up and start a 7-day trial. So give it spin… if you haven’t already.

As always, please keep sending your product ideas over to [email protected]

See you next time.

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Rory Macrae

Rory is Connect4’s Head of Design. He leads the design of the app as well as all things related to the Connect4 brand.

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