Product update: Best-practice badges & client pods

This month we’ve got a host of upgrades to your past meeting history and a new way to organise pods (amongst other updates). Here goes:

1. Past meeting history tab upgrades

Past meeting notes is one of the most heavily used features of Connect4 (second only to agendas). This month we’ve released a number of updates, designed to provide an even richer record of past meetings.

a. Best-practice reminder badges

The essentials of an effective client meeting fall into three key areas: preparation, meeting and acting. To help instil best-practice, we’ve added a set of badges to your past meeting feed to signify which actions have been taken:

  1. Was an agenda set?
  2. Were any meeting notes recorded?
  3. Was a summary email sent to participants after the meeting?
The upgraded meeting history tab

b. Name your meetings

You can now add an optional title when you schedule a new meeting. For example, you might title your meeting ‘Onboarding’ or ‘Q3 business review’. Or you might choose to leave it blank. The title will show up in your past meetings tab and helps bring further clarity to the purpose of a meeting. 

Don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to retroactively add titles to past meetings too. 

c. Easily view the agenda of a past meeting

We’ve made it much easier to recap a previous meeting, simply by clicking on the past meetings tab. Inside each meeting entry you’ll now see you have the option to switch between notes and agenda.

2. Separation of client and internal team pods

Connect4 is uniquely focussed on helping our customers run smarter client meetings. That’s not to say it doesn’t work brilliantly for internal team meetings too (it does). But we realised that we needed to make a clear distinction between these two very different types of meeting.

You’ll now see three filters in the navigation bar on the left side of your pod list: ‘All’, ‘Clients’ and ‘Internal’. You can also view all public pods across your organisation by switching the toggle above these filters.

Client pods

We’ve intelligently divided all existing pods into their relevant category, but if you want to change one, it’s easy. Just click ‘Edit pod’ and you’ll see the new ‘Pod type’ setting. You will also see this option whenever you create a new pod.

Label your pods either ‘Client’, ‘Internal’ or ‘Other’

This is just the start for client-specific pods. We’ve got quite a few exciting new additions in the works…

3. Admin users

To make it easier for account owners to pass responsibilities over to other members of the team, we created a new admin user role. To assign a team mate admin responsibilities, just head to ‘My organisation’ and check the users that should have additional permissions.

Account admins have exactly the same privileges as the account owner, except they cannot access billing information:

  • View a list of all pods across an organisation in meeting insights.
  • Full edit access to all public pods across their organisation.
  • Ability to add new team members (and make them admin users).

4. Shared team notes

You can now collaborate with other team members on shared team notes. Shared team notes are a bit like your private meeting notes… except they’re shared with your team. Like private notes, they are specific to a pod rather than a meeting (as in the case of regular meeting notes). This provides a handy space to leave information about a client for the rest of your team.

Shared team notes

5. Optional pod invites

True to our ‘prepare’ ethos, you can now get your pod ready (by adding an agenda and resources) before you invite a client. Just unselect ‘Send pod invites to new members’ when creating your pod.

Optional pod invites

Still not tried Connect4?

That’s it until next month! Don’t forget, you can now get up-and-running with a free trial of Connect4 in less than a minute, if you’ve not tried it out yet.

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Rory Macrae

Rory is Connect4’s Head of Design. He leads the design of the app as well as all things related to the Connect4 brand.

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