Power up your internal meetings with Connect4 ‘pods’

Now more than ever, your online 1-2-1 catch-ups and team meetings need purpose, value and accountability. Here’s how Connect4’s online meeting ‘pods’ can help. 

Our working patterns have changed beyond recognition over the last six months, and it’s clear that the situation isn’t going to change any time soon.

And while working from home has bought us many benefits in terms of improved work / life balance, the downsides for many are feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression. Which means that checking in, in a structured way, with your direct reports and team is now more important than ever. 

At Connect4, our online pods – or virtual meeting rooms – are for 1-2-1s and small groups of people who are meeting for a specific purpose. They ensure that your catch-ups are productive, structured, yet still keep that personal feel.

Infact, we like to think that they’re the next best thing to meeting over a coffee In Real Life. Here’s how they work. 

1. Pods keep the meeting structured and accountable

Does your heart lift when you see the phrase ‘catch up’ in your diary? We didn’t think so. After all, the ‘catch-up’ can so easily drift into a general chat without purpose, structure or accountability. 

But when you meet in a Connect4 pod, it’s different. For a start, the agenda is always visible, keeping you focused and to time. And the very fact that you have an agenda – even if it’s just committing some thoughts to paper, means that you’re focused on having a valuable meeting. 

2. Pods turn meetings into actions

High-performing teams have a strong purpose and are clear on how to work together to achieve their goals. But great team brainstorms don’t always translate well into decisions or actionable tasks.  

Connect4 pods help keep your team focused and moving forward by capturing decisions in a short video at the end of each meeting. Which means you start the next meeting clear on what needs to be done to keep things moving forward.

3. C4 pods store everything you’ll need 

How many times have your meetings gone off course as you look for a document or report? No longer! Your Connect4 pod can store all relevant meeting documents, saving time and hassle and ensuring that attendees always come prepared. 

4. Pods get your next meeting in the diary

Keep that sense of momentum in your online meetings by getting your next meeting in the diary before you finish the current one. 

At Connect4, we see meetings as much more than a one-off event; they are the means by which we connect with our reports and our teams, ensuring that they feel heard and inspired to get stuff done.

We all know how hard it can be to continue working remotely, week in week out, and it’s all too easy for morale to dip in these challenging times. So a short, intentional ‘checking-in’ with your direct reports, even for 15 minutes, shows that you value them – even if you’re not going to be meeting in real life. 

5. Your Connect4 pod means business

We’re going to be working remotely for a little while yet, so it’s so crucial that our online meetings are energising, not time sucks. 

So isn’t it better to use an online meeting room that’s branded with your company logo and is associated with a professional service rather than an online meeting provider that’s used for family chats and pub quizzes? 

Your branded pod signifies to your team or report that you’re meeting to talk business, focus on them, and move the business forward. 

6. Pods combine tech and productivity 

Connect4 isn’t here to replace existing online meeting providers; we’re doing something different. We combine tech and productivity tools to ensure that meetings don’t end up dragging you down but instead inspire you and your team to simply get on with what you all do best. 

Connect4 screenshot

So if you want to bring energy, accountability and intention into your 1-2-1s and team meetings, book a short demo with one of our team.

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