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Onboard your clients virtually, the smarter way

Make a great first impression by delivering a first-class onboarding experience.


Improve communication and remove silos

Connect4 pods enable teams to deliver a truly joined-up client experience. Sales, onboarding, and client management teams all meet in the same place.

  • A complete history of every meeting is easily accessible to everyone, breaking down silos between teams.
  • First-class communication eliminates scope creep and means that clients never have to repeat themselves.
How does Connect4 work?
Client onboarding

Set out your onboarding workflow

Connect4 is a flexible client meeting platform that enables you to onboard your clients by defining your own unique process.

  • Plan upcoming clients meetings and make sure they always have a clear agenda.
  • Assign actions to your clients so they always know what they should be doing at every stage of the partnership.
Client meeting platform

Introduce tech, collect docs and store key information

Walk your clients through the apps you use via built-in web-based video tools. Your clients can upload documents and access training videos in an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Key documents and links to your complete tech-stack in one secure and consistent location.
  • Plan upcoming clients meetings and make sure they always have a clear agenda.

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