Putting client relationships front and centre at Nephos & Myna

How Joe David and the teams at Nephos and Myna use Connect4 to drive good practice and save time.

We caught up with Joe as he was dashing — albeit digitally — between a full day of meetings. Not only does he head-up Nephos, a thriving accounting practice, he has also started two new businesses in 2021; Nephos Mortgages and his passion project, Myna (more on this later). Suffice to say, he’s busy. We were fortunate to be able to steal an hour of Joe’s time to find out more about what he’s up to and how Connect4 has improved the way his teams work with clients.

Nephos and Myna accountants


Nephos, Joe David’s first business, has been running for 7 years now and currently has a team of 11. They have always been focussed upon leveraging technology to provide the best advisory service they can. They were early-adopters in the cloud accounting world (Nephos actually means ‘cloud’ in Greek) and have continued to push new technology when working with clients.

Myna, the crypto accounting practice

The likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and err… Dogecoin have seen an explosion of interest during the pandemic and with this has come a unique set of accounting considerations. Joe started Myna in 2021 in response to a growing demand for accounting expertise in the nascent world of cryptocurrencies. As well as individual investors, Joe and his team also work with startups and software platforms that use blockchain technology. They also work closely with the UK’s cryptocurrency trade body, Crypto UK to help guide regulatory change.

“Every accountant says they’re different!” says Joe. “Everyone is offering advisory and cloud accounting services nowadays but Myna really is totally different — no one else is really doing what we’re doing”. HMRC’s guidance on taxation of cryptocurrency assets is evolving rapidly and there’s a huge demand for specialist expertise.

Why Connect4?

Joe’s personal interest in new technology and continually improving the way his teams operate is what led him to investigate Connect4:

“We’re excited by Connect4 because it truly puts the client at the heart of our service offering. It enforces really good meeting behaviour — setting agendas, scheduling follow-up meetings etc — there’s no getting away from it!” 

Joe David

Nephos and Myna offer high-level advisory services and Connect4 allows them to truly demonstrate the value that they provide to their clients.

Who do you use Connect4 with?

“When we introduce new software, we try to use it as widely as possible. So, we use Connect4 both internally and externally. We’re currently rolling it out to as many clients as we can.”

Joe David

Joe estimates that 75% of his remote meetings now take place on Connect4 and this number is growing. “I love it because I can quickly look back at past meetings… I’m often strapped for time (he says whilst a member of his team hands him lunch) so I like the fact that everything is in one convenient place”.

For Nephos and Myna, this all leads to better advisory services. Meetings are easier and more efficient — so they can just focus on providing great advice.

What would you like to see in the future?

Connect4 is continually evolving, so we took the opportunity to ask Joe what he’d like to see on the platform in the future. “A few of our clients can be a little resistant to new technology… so if they could somehow get onto video calls without logging in, that’d be amazing. And being able to record meetings would be great too”.

Well, watch this space!

Thanks Nephos!

A big thanks to Joe David and the team at Nephos and Myna for taking the time to talk to us about their experiences with Connect4. If you want to find out more, don’t forget to head over to nephosaccountants.co and mynaaccountants.co or get in touch with Joe directly on LinkedIn.

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