Meeting health score: how to do client meetings the right way

With our ambition to value your precious online meeting time, we continue to update the insights we give in how you and your team are running meetings.

On Connect4 you can now see:

  • How long you and your team have spent talking with clients
  • What client pods have been created by your team
  • And… a meeting health score based on meeting workflow best practice.

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Meeting insights explained

On Connect4 meetings happen within pods. Each pod is unique to a client- and over time you will have several meetings with your client in that same pod.

But… there is a right way and a wrong way to host a meeting on Connect4 with a client.

A good meeting involves the ‘pre-meeting’, ‘during-meeting’ and ‘after-meeting’ being run well and efficiently. Doing this in an efficient way will help convert more prospects into clients, upsell current clients and provides a robust workflow for client service delivery.

How does it work?

1. View meeting insights

Select meeting insights in the top right by clicking on your avatar (if not already added your avatar- easily add one.

Personal drop down menu

2. Sort by any column by clicking on the heading of the column.

For example to sort by pod name alphabetically select ‘Pod name’

An organisation account owner view, sorted by ‘Meeting health’

If you are the organisation account owner you will have the ability to select ‘Team’s pods’. This will show you all pods created by members of your team.

Note: you will be able to see pod name, participants, last meeting date, meeting health score and meeting time but clicking into the pod will not give you full access, unless invited by a current pod member.

The meeting health score is a great way to check that you and your team are running your client meetings as effectively as possible.

3. How is the meeting health score calculated?

We use an algorithm to build a score that takes into account factors relating to i) the pod make-up, as well as ii) how meetings themselves have been run.

Regarding the pod:

  • Adding of resources either hyperlinks, documents or software services.
  • Ensuring your client pod is company branded.
  • Using the private notes panel.
  • Having a meeting in the last 30 days.

Regarding the meeting an average of the last 3 meetings held in the pod is taken, looking at:

  • Setting an agenda.
  • Completing the meeting summary.
  • Sending a meeting summary/actions email.

4. How can you improve you and your team’s meeting health score?

Top tip: Save organisation template agendas so you don’t have to repeat similar agenda types and add relevant documents to pods.

Most importantly to ensure a good client meeting score, be sure to click ‘End meeting’, assign any actions and complete a brief meeting summary and email out at the end of every client meeting.

End meeting button visible to team members during a meeting

Over to you

Meeting insights was born out of customer feedback on wanting improved reporting of client meeting best practice and giving greater awareness around how you personally were spending your time online. We want to make it even better however and so want to hear from you to ensure we help you value your online client meeting time!

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Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon

Andrew is the CEO at Connect4 and is passionate about meaningful online connection. Based in Cambridge, UK. Andrew is an accountant, a Trustee at Prison Fellowship, previously Director at Fathom and a big fan of all sport.

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