Here’s how Connect4 Pods make your new client onboarding more professional, productive and personal

Business growth starts with being able to onboard new clients in a personal and professional way. But if you’re onboarding remotely, it can be harder to build that all important human connection. Here’s how to use Connect4 Pods to give your new clients a great onboarding experience.

Experts in new client onboarding often talk about Cost to Acquire Customer, customer lifetime value and retention metrics.

At Connect4, we take a more human approach.

We believe that strong client relationships are built when we listen, communicate and truly understand our clients’ needs.

Connect4 Pods are virtual meeting spaces where you meet your new client, talk to them about their expectations and plan your journey together.

Here’s how using Connect4 Pods helps build strong online client relationships that are personal, productive and that last.

Humans buy from humans

At Connect4, we’re passionate about building better online relationships. And we know how hard it can be to establish a true connection with someone when you’re both staring into a computer screen rather than meeting face to face.

When you meet your new client in your Connect4 Pod, they’re the centre of the relationship, in a Pod that’s specifically for them. It’s branded with your company logo, has everything you’ll need to hand, and is set up for productivity.

Connect4 meetings

Making a good first impression

It’s said that you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. So make it a good one and record a short introductory video for your client to watch before you meet. An effective way to break the ice when you’re not meeting in person.

Have meetings that count

There’s nothing more dispiriting than a meeting that lacks structure, pace and accountability. And a focused meeting is super important when you’re onboarding, as it’ll set the tone for the rest of your working relationship.

So make yours count by creating and storing your meeting agenda in your Pod, so that your client can see who you are, what you offer and how you can help.

Show not tell

You’ll probably have some company information to share with your new client, perhaps things that they’ll need to read, but not until the meeting’s finished.

You can store everything that’s relevant to your client, the meeting and your on-going relationship in your Pod. Your client will be able to refer to them in their own time too, if they need to check up on anything after the meeting.

Let’s keep talking

At C4 we see meetings less as something to be endured, and more as a way of energising your working relationships, moving things forward and getting things done.

Continuity is critical. So Connect4 enables you to set up your next meeting while on the first meeting. Continuity and progression in action!

It’s all about you

We believe in being truly client-centric. We know that every new client wants to feel that they’re important, that they’re being listened to, and that the decisions that are taken in the meeting are being acted upon.

And of course, each new client is extremely important to us and to our businesses.

Connect4 lets you record a short video summary at the end of your meeting, capturing your decision and planning next steps. And when you meet again, you’ll have discussion points and actionable items to cover.

Need to bring in a subject expert for your second meeting? No need to mess around with calendars and confusing email trails – just jump on the Pod and you’re sorted.

At Connect4 we’re built for business

Connect4 has been built to empower online relationships, making remote meetings more professional and productive.

We’re doing something different to existing online meeting providers.

By combining software and productivity tools, we’ll help you build professional relationships that are as personal and as human as if you were meeting face to face.

We’re building a community of accountants who are using Connect4 to become more professional, productive and personal. Join us by booking a short demo through our website.

Don’t forget to read more about how Connect4 Pods can help with your external and internal meetings.

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