How to keep your accountancy clients happy whilst working remotely

What makes your clients happy? Your service? Your comms? Your rapport?

It’s not easy maintaining strong client relationships when we can’t meet face-to-face. But there’s more to keeping your accounting clients happy than a monthly ‘catch-up’ call. Here’s how using Connect4 can help build great client relationships while working remotely.

A recent report from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, discussed the key role the accountancy profession is playing during the current Covid crisis. 

From making sure that their clients’ finances are ‘Covid-ready’ to signposting available Government grants, accountants are providing a more important service to their clients than ever before. 

And with many across the accountancy sector now planning to go remote permanently, the time to embrace ‘online’ is now. 

Here’s how you can build happier client relationships using Connect4. 

Your ‘pod’ is your new meeting room

Do you remember making sure your meeting room was set up just right for your client meetings? Agendas printed out, TV screen on with your logo showing, air conditioning set at the perfect temperature… 

Well, Connect4 pods are your new virtual meeting rooms. They’re client-centric spaces that hold everything that’s needed to maintain a close business relationship. 

Write meeting agendas, link to important resources and even brand your pods be branded with your practice logo. Connect4 lets you set the stage for a great online meeting. The only thing your client needs to worry about bringing their own biscuits.

What’s on the agenda today?

A smart agenda can make the difference between a meeting that’s focused and has great outcomes and one that’s not much more than a chat. There’s nothing wrong with friendly catch-up but clients are happier when they can see that progress is being made.

When you meet in your pod, your agenda (with timings) is visible to keep you on track throughout the meeting. Not sure how to create your agenda when you’re just ‘touching base’? We have agenda templates for all different meeting types, meaning you start each conversation prepared, however casual the setting.

Keep a record of every discussion

You can store so much more than just documents in your pod; you can keep a full record of every meeting. 

When you finish the meeting, record a short video summary to store there too, highlighting decisions taken and action points. 

Happy client relationships are built when you listen, respond and move forward. 

Include other stakeholders when needed

Clients can sometimes be de-stabilised when they’re moved between teams, putting strain on the business relationship. 

With Connect4, it’s different. Your pod, (with all the resources, notes and summaries) stays constant, so your clients will no longer have that feeling of being passed around from team to team. Simply invite new members into a pod whenever teams are adjusted.

Recurring meetings

Consistency is critical when it comes to building happy client relationships. And client relationships thrive when they’re seen in the context of an ongoing concern, not just a catch up when you both remember. 

Connect4 pods are all about recurring meetings, not one-off calls. Being reminded to set the date and time for your next meeting when finishing off your current one sets up a productive partnership with a happy client. 

Show your best side

A happy client isn’t just nice to have. Studies show that companies who have a client-centric approach are 60% more profitable than those who don’t. 

And it’s a competitive world out there. Now more than ever, clients are seeking out practices that truly add value — and are happy to walk if they’re not getting it. So set yourself apart with a meeting experience for your clients that makes them feel valued

By holding your meetings in client-centric pods, you’re telling your clients that they’re important. That you’re committed. And you’re listening. Which is enough to make any client happy.

We’re building a community of accountants who are using Connect4 to become more professional, productive and personal. Join us by booking a short demo through our website.

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