Jon Oakley brings his accounting tech experience to Connect4 joining as Head of Accounting and Software Sales

I’ve just joined Connect4 as head of Accounting and Software sales. 😊

Connect4 is a startup that wants to change how online meetings are delivered.

After all, now we’re all WFH (or ‘Living at Work’?!) our whole way of working has changed, so surely our online meetings can change too.

I’m really thrilled to join this new venture at what is a pivotal time in the way we work.

Here’s what’s brought me here 👇👇

I’ve not had the most conventional career path. After an arts degree, I set up a glass design company, and supplied glass to amongst others, Fired Earth and The Ivy in Soho (check out the glass in the private dining room!). Then after working with an accounting software company to manage my business, I jumped over the fence and have worked in Fintech ever since.

I’ve seen the Fintech business from both the sales and client point of view over the years. So as well as knowing the software side inside out I can also appreciate how accountants actually use that software, as well as what they’re talking to their clients about, day to day.

So why Connect4 and why now? Well, I’ve always wanted to add value to my accountancy clients, and I could see right away that Connect4, with its new way of using Pods to deliver online meetings was doing something really special.

The last few months have been exceptional and have changed the way that we work, possibly forever. We’re all WFH now (or is it ‘living at work?!) and so know all too well the drain that online meetings can be; catch-ups that are too frequent, unproductive meetings and just general online meeting fatigue.

I can’t be alone in feeling that sometimes online meetings stop me from just getting work done.

Connect4 wants to do something different to change how online meetings are delivered. After all, our whole way of working has changed over the last six months, so our online meetings can change too.

I’d love to talk to you about Connect4 and about how it can help your business and clients. Do stay in touch, and I’ll be happy to demo it to anyone who’d like to see how it can transform how they work.

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Jon Oakley

Jon is Connect4's Head of Accounting and Software Sales. Previously a business owner as well as Head of Sales at forecasting and reporting tool Futrli and Fintech platform Satago. Jon lives in Brighton on England’s South coast, and can often be found walking his dog along the beach.

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