Jakub Sikora joins as head of engineering

Jakub has been lead engineer and cloud architect for multiple successful software products across many different industries. He previously ran his own fin-tech startup, Fincastly.com and was the founder of the not-for-profit Gruba.IT foundation. He has also organised many development industry community events across Central Europe. Jakub joins Connect4 as head of engineering and explains what motivated him to join a growing SAAS startup.

Many of us dream of being part of something that matters, something that “makes a difference”.

Some of us would like someday to build our own product that will solve many people’s problems. Others would like to work on a project where their opinion counts and can fully focus on delivering value to their clients.

For many people of “my kind” (programmers) technical implementation sometimes seems to be the most important block in the process of creating solutions. We know the rules of clean code, good architecture, requirements modeling, but we get lost when we get together with our friends to create something of our own from scratch.

We waste time trying to implement a great application that we can be proud of as engineers, rather than simply making a good product that solves the problem.

For most of my professional life, I’ve been trying to deliver value to my customers by solving their biggest pains with technology. I’ve worked as a developer, consultant, solutions architect on big products for many different kinds of businesses – healthcare, finance, real estate, or insurance. 

But I always wanted something more – to create a product that solves a real problem, the problem “I can touch”, with great people around that will help me grow and feel great at working out problem solutions from scratch, without any guidance.

That’s why over a year ago I founded a fintech startup with my friends. And although we didn’t create another unicorn, we solved a real pain point for several companies and learnt a huge amount on the journey.

That’s also why I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Connect4 as Head of Engineering.

I feel that in our forever changed (and mostly remote or hybrid) world, Connect4 will help to keep client relations organized, alive, and effective as ever. 

Connect4 is a company filled with great people, with the mindset that I value the most and the experience that I want to learn from.

I’m up to the task to re-engineer the client meetings and relations to fit the new reality and, oh boy, don’t I feel excited about it!

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Jakub Sikora

Jakub Sikora

Jakub is Connect4’s head of engineering, having previously been lead engineer for multiple successful software products. He previously ran his own fin-tech startup, Fincastly.com and was the founder of the not-for-profit Gruba.IT foundation. He has also organised many development industry community events across Central Europe.

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