Introducing the Seed Partner Plan

The early adopter plan that rewards those who want to go further in offering client and customer centric virtual services.

Connect4 is a new way of doing online meetings. Our focus is on progression and accountability in online relationships. We believe having an intentional process for delivering and measuring the success of online services as a firm, a software company or a business coach is vital.

We are paving a new way that is productive, professional and personal for customers and clients. But we need your help to build the best possible platform that serves you and your customer and client relationships.

Enter You.

The Seed Partner Program

The Seed Partner Plan has two main priorities:  

  1. The first is to hugely value the early users of Connect4 who understand our vision and want to be a part of the journey to better serving clients and customers from the beginning.  
  2. The second is to work with these firms and software companies collaboratively to consult about how to improve processes within their firm or organisation.

In practical terms the Program involves some pretty significant long-term benefits:

  • A personal implementation plan on how to best use Connect4 within your organisation and setup advice on organisation templates.
  • Your organisation will have access to an unlimited number of pods (a pod is our word for a client specific meeting room).  This gives you the opportunity to use Connect4 with as many clients, customers or internal meetings as you wish within your organisation.  A pod is always on as well- so need to catch your client quickly just head to the pod!
  • Exclusive access to our product roadmap and our technical team to shape the future of Connect4 to best serve you.
  • Monthly exclusive Seed Partner Networking small groups facilitated by the Connect4 team to enable best practice knowledge sharing.
  • A members only group to enable broader best practice for best serving customers and clients in remote settings.
  • Promotion on our social channels as a ‘Client Centric Firm’ or a ‘Customer Centric Company’ and social media kit.
Client Centric Firm badge

Who is it for?

Connect4 is for firms, software companies and business coaches that want to build a process around being proactive with clients and customers. 


Well because talking with your clients and customers regularly is the best way to ensure they get the most from your product or service.

Our sweet spot is for teams with 5-50 customer facing staff that are delivering services or software on a subscription basis and that truly value their customers or clients.

The reason for this team size is that you get the additional time saving organisational benefits of sharing organisation template agendas, introducing new team members to a client or customer pod and getting meaningful data from our organisation statistics.

We also have a Lite version available if you are a business coach, have fewer than 20 clients or want to use Connect4 with a specific sub-team in your organisation.

Who is in on it?

We have worked with B2B software companies in the accounting sector in our early platform development — with companies such as Xero, Practice Ignition, Fathom, Iris and Go Proposal.

We have also worked with accounting firms such as: Dolfinblue, JGCB, BDO, Armstrong Watson and Certus Bookkeeping

More can be found out about the seed partner program here.


What countries is Connect4 available in?

Connect4 is available globally and its features adapt to the users local timezone, we welcome users from anywhere in the world to sign-up.  Currently we bill in GBP only but we are working on USD and AUD which will be available shortly.

Please note Connect4 product support and text is all in English only.

Does Connect4 video conferencing work with all browsers?

Connect4 works best on Chrome, but also works on all other modern browsers.  We are aware of some users difficulties on old versions of Safari.  Please read our support articles for further details on our video conferencing connectivity.

How long am I tied in for with the Seed Partner Plan?

The Seed Partner Plan is billed monthly or annually, and there is no ‘tie-in’ period meaning you can cancel at any point. 

For any other plans our billing cycles are quarterly or annually.

What is on the short-term roadmap?

We have some really exciting features in the pipeline that have been informed by over 100 Connect4 conversations.  Please get in touch with us by clicking on the bottom right icon within Connect4 to find out more or even better take out a free trial of Connect4 and sign-up to the Seed Partner Plan!

Can I still have a free trial?

Absolutely.  You can take out a free 14 day free trial and invite as many users and create as many pods as you would like.  Feel free to try Connect4 out on a few internal meetings prior to signing up to our Program. 

Please bear in mind we do have limited space on the Seed Partner Plans and they will be given to the first eligible companies?

Can I sign-up now?

Yes you can. 

  1. First, if you’re not already registered, take out a free trial of Connect4 by signing up at
  2. Create an organisation by heading to the ‘organisations’ tab (this article gives you the simple steps to help).
  3. Head to billing where you will see the page below.  Select the plan that you wish to use and we will be in touch to arrange your initial implementation plan!
Seed Partner Billing
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Andrew Jordon

Andrew Jordon

Andrew is the CEO at Connect4 and is passionate about meaningful online connection. Based in Cambridge, UK. Andrew is an accountant, a Trustee at Prison Fellowship, previously Director at Fathom and a big fan of all sport.

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