Product updates: new features for October 2020 and beyond

Introducing our product roadmap. What’s on the horizon for Connect4?

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Rory and I recently joined the Connect4 team as Head of Design. I started chatting (over the Connect4 app of course!) — with CEO and founder Andrew Jordon several months ago and the concept around the software immediately ‘clicked’ with me. I’ve spent the past decade working with companies of all shapes and sizes, most recently as creative director at a London-based digital agency. So, whilst I don’t work directly within the professional services industry, I’ve certainly worked with clients. A lot of clients! 

Connect4’s mission is all based around client-centric ‘pods’. Pods are specifically designed to make remote client discussions more professional, structured and personal. I’ve certainly attended my fair share of disorganised and unfocussed video calls and Connect4’s mission seems totally invaluable to me. 

I’ve joined Connect4 to lead the planning, design and delivery of new software features. So, the overall direction of the product is very much in my hands… no pressure!

But that’s enough about me. I’m sure you’re more interested in the product I’m helping to build. So I’m taking this opportunity to explain some of the new features that you can expect to see when you log into Connect4 over the coming weeks and months. This is a — by no means exhaustive — peek into some of the things we’re working on behind the scenes. Some of these are features that we’ve had on our to-do list for some time, whilst others have evolved from the literally hundreds of demos the team have been running over the summer.

So without further-ado, here are some of the new features you can expect from Connect4 in the near future.

1. Customisation & personalisation

During the many conversations we’ve had with accountancy firms over the past few weeks, the topic of personalisation has come up a lot. Don’t worry, we’re not going full MySpace (sorry if that disappoints anyone). But, we will be introducing further options for branding your Connect4 pods. We see pods as being a safe space for your clients. They’re an online extension of your meeting room. I’m sure many of you adorn your physical meeting rooms with your brand colours and logos, so why should your remote meeting room — or pod — be any different? 

Expect to see new options for branding your pods very soon.

2. Email meeting agendas and summaries

Connect4 allows you to publish beautiful agendas for all your meetings, but what’s the use if people forget to read them?

We’re in the process of building a suite of email features that’ll help you keep your meetings on-track. Soon you will be able to:

  1. Email a meeting agenda to all members of a pod.
  2. Email all pod members a summary after a meeting has taken place.

3. 3rd-party software links

We know that your firm is likely using Connect4 amongst a plethora of other software services. And we know how confusing this can get for your clients. We’re currently building an area where you can list out all of your other software portals for quick access by your clients. This will take us a step further towards turning pods into the ultimate client-centric area.

4. Scheduling

Possibly the most popular request so far has been to improve the way in which Connect4 integrates with your calendar. We’re currently looking at a number of options to improve both scheduling (to make it easier to select a mutually suitable meeting time) and modifications (enabling modified meeting times to be reflected in your calendar).

In addition to the areas detailed above, we’re making plenty of changes to make the app even more user-friendly. Expect to see upgrades to screen-share functionality and note-taking as well as a new ‘jump right in’ ad-hoc meeting feature!

Stay up-to-date with new features, as they’re released

I’m pleased to announce that we have just published a public roadmap detailing upcoming features. You can take a look by heading over to

You can also register your details here to receive notifications of when we launch new features. Please feel free to send us product suggestions too — either via our product roadmap, or send an email to [email protected].

New to Connect4?

If you’re totally new to Connect4, then why not book a demo with our lovely sales team? We’re spending a lot of time at the moment talking about the benefits of the software to the accountancy world. However, I fully believe that Connect4 can offer a tremendous amount of value to anybody who works with clients or has recurring meetings with set groups of people.

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Rory Macrae

Rory is Connect4’s Head of Design. He leads the design of the app as well as all things related to the Connect4 brand.

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