Connect4 & Zapier integration

Integrate with 5000+ apps including Outlook, Notion and Gmail.

Zapier + Connect4

Zapier enables you to build your own automated workflows. It essentially acts as a middleman between one app and another; specify an activity in one app and it will tell another app to do something else.

Over 5000 apps integrate with Zapier, including the likes of Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Outlook, Notion, Asana and plus plenty of accounting apps such as Ignition, Pixie and GoProposal.

Hassle-free integration into your existing app-stack

Connect4 is designed to sit seamlessly alonside the tools you already know and love.

  • Send meeting actions from Connect4 to a connected app.
  • Import clients and team members.
  • Automatically generate new meeting pods.
Branded meeting rooms

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