A celebration of innovative firms: Accounting Excellence 2021

Innovative, ambitious firms bring Connect4 to life! Being part of their impact to clients is our mission. These firms continuously motivate and contribute to our ability to impact the importance of client experiences in meetings.

It’s a set of these firms that we’re happy to be celebrating. An impressive group of firms doing exactly that being recognised here in the UK. Their focus to build client experiences comes across in our shared conversations. And, we can understand why they are finalists in the 2021 Accounting Excellence awards

It’s a pleasure to work with these innovative firms. We’re cheering for you in the awards ceremony!

Spotlight on Connect4 customers

Small Firm of the Year: Raedan 

Medium Firm of the Year: PJCO Chartered Certified Accountants 

New Firm of the Year: Heaton Vences 

Client Services Award: PJCO Chartered Certified Accountants 

Specialist Team of the Year: Next Level Business 

Hero Award – Individual: Paul Layte, Next Level Business

Innovative firms

Who are the innovative firm finalists? 

Raedan is an innovative firm providing “Accounting for the creatively minded.” As a Connect4 Seed partner, Raedan is delivering differentiation by remodelling the client experience through impactful client meetings. Watching this team deliver us a treat. First hand we’ve learned how they embrace creativity to compliment their clients desire to have the “Freedom to create.”

PJCO Chartered Certified Accountants are specialist advisors to small and micro business owners using Quickbooks. Founder, Peter Jarman is technologically savvy and forward thinking. He’s leading the way in creating an impressive technology stack that benefits his team and clients alike. Recently, Peter shared their tech stack with AccountingWeb where he says Connect 4 is his favourite app at the moment. “Connect4 is our route to get the agenda sorted and create meeting templates to ensure all our client managers are singing off the same sheet.”

Heaton Vences is leading the way with digital-first accounting.  They empower SMEs and tech start-ups across industries. Acting as finance business partners of innovative, creative and forward thinking entrepreneurs. These services are being complimented using Connect4 to streamline client experiences. While plugging into their client relationship tech stack for impactful service delivery.

Next Level Business  are the growth accountants. Leading the way is Paul Layte, who is nominated for an individual hero award. Their one-stop-shop business launchpad offers to SMEs and startups immediate access to run business finances seamlessly. Paul and team are working with Connect4 to integrate client meeting delivery. All bringing the human relationship component to an impressive technology platform. 

Good luck to all finalists

We enjoy working with these finalist firms everyday! Thank you for bringing Connect4 into your tech stack. And, client delivery programmes. 

We’re excited to cheer you on at the Accounting Excellence awards show!

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Sarah Broderick

Sarah is COO at Connect4. She leads up the commercial teams to GSD and deliver more for customers. During 15 years of client-facing roles in software and financial services, she's become passionate about creating client transparency through consistent, humanised interactions as the key to building strong business relationships.

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