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How Connect4 works

Prepare, meet, act. → Progress

What is Connect4?

Connect4 is the client meeting platform. It is uniquely designed to help client-centric teams deliver smarter client meetings. First-class client meetings lead to happy clients, strong relationships and healthy recurring business.

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Connect4 client meetings

A client centric meeting workflow for the whole team

Move from fragmented workflows & throw-away meetings to valuable client experiences.


  • Create and share agendas before you meet.
  • Make your own agenda templates or use one from our professional library.
  • Share documents and resources ahead of time.


  • Works seamlessly alongside Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Record public and private meeting notes in the same place as you meet.
  • Set actions for you, your team and your clients.


  • Monitor actions as they get completed.
  • Access clear and transparent records of every decision.
  • Make progress and demonstrate your value.

What is a pod?

Connect4 is built around the concept of pods. A pod is a central workspace for teams and clients. It’s a consistent location to plan, talk and do with total transparency.

  • Upcoming meetings and shared resources at a glance.
  • A complete record of all past meetings, actions and decisions.
  • Seamless handover of clients between team members.
Connect4 pod


Connect4 has everything teams need to deliver a truly client-centric experience.


Branded pods

Your company logo in full view.


Meeting agendas

Collaborate on talking points.


Agenda templates

Pre-built or make your own.



Assign, track and complete.


Meeting notes

A transparent record of decisions.


Shared resources

Every document in one place.


Summary emails

Notes, actions and follow-up schedule.


Email agendas

Share a plan ahead of time.


Video recap

Record a summary or embed a Loom.


Private notes

Personal and team accessible records.


Video meetings

Reliable in-browser video calls.


Relationship insights

Client meeting health score.

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