How Connect4 helped Certus Bookkeeping to win new business

We caught up with one of our customers (over Connect4 of course) to see how they’re getting on with the platform.

Todd Chaddon runs Certus Bookkeeping, based in Colorado. Todd is passionate about setting up his clients with effective, cloud-based solutions to help them manage their money better. He provides a range of services ranging from bookkeeping, all the way through to his Virtual Financial Manager offering.

Talk us through your first experience of using Connect4 with a client

Todd: I had a follow-up meeting booked with a prospect. I was crunched for time; I knew my calendar was pretty full and I didn’t want to go and drive down to Colorado Springs so I was like “how can I do this?”. I had this new tool — Connect4 — so I went in and found out how to make a pod and set it up. It was very intuitive; very easy to use! And gosh, if I can figure it out, anyone can.

There were some resources I wanted to share — we were moving [the client] to the cloud. I put some links to some short introduction videos about Quickbooks Online, Xero and Receipt Bank. Their old system was Quickbooks Desktop and they had to have people turn in physical receipts and reports and the like. So I came up with a [cloud-based] solution for them. 

It was very easy for him [the client] to use. He signed in and we started the meeting on time. We had the agenda, right next to us on screen — which my client really liked — and we went through each agenda item one-by-one,  bang, bang bang! He said he loved the fact he could see the agenda right there. 

I was able to share my screen. So I went through my presentation and showed him how Xero and Receipt Bank could solve his problems. After the demonstration, I walked though his quote on Effective Pricing [software] which I had prepared in advance for the sake of time. He liked the overall presentation and what made that possible was Connect4. There is no other like it as far as I know! 

Certus Bookkeeping

He was so impressed. His comment was “I love your systems approach to everything… I know I’m in good hands here!”. I was like “wow ok… thank you!”. And, because he was so impressed, he signed. 

We have weekly meetings [now]. You can just jump onto a pod whenever you need to because the meeting rooms are always live.

I’ve used Connect4 with other bookkeepers too — I’ve virtually sold Receipt Bank to two of them!

What’s your overall view of Connect4?

Todd: The more I learnt about it [Connect4] — having recurring meetings and how it maintains a running tally of all your meetings with notes and wrap-up videos — [I realised] this thing is a game-changer (and I hate that term!). 

Really this does represent a paradigm shift in the whole concept of having meetings. Especially online, in this post COVID world. The reality is, if you’re a cloud accountant or if you have your business in the cloud, you can have clients anywhere. I have had a client in California, and another in DC. It would have been easier if I’d had Connect4 back then — to have meaningful conversations and have some sort of running record of conversations.

I just love Connect4 — it’s far and above better than anything else I’ve used!

Watch the video

Thanks Todd!

If you’re interested in finding out what the fuss is all about, go book a Connect4 demo with one of our team. And if you’re in the market for some top notch accountancy services, don’t forget to check out Certus Bookkeeping.

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