Four steps towards smarter team meetings

Connect4 isn’t just for smarter client meetings. It excels at providing structure and clarity to internal team meetings too. We caught up with Johann Goree of JGBC to find out how he uses C4 with his team. Johann has scaled his business to more than 300 clients in a remarkably short space of time. A lot of this success he puts down to having a fantastic team behind him that are constantly striving to improve the way in which they work.

“Connect4 has empowered my team leaders and I to improve our team communication”

Johann Goree, JGBC

1. Structure meetings how you structure your organisation

Johann: “We started using Connect4 just as we were undergoing some important organisational changes. We’ve been able to replicate our new company structure using Connect4 pods. For example, I have a weekly pod set up with my team leaders. They each have separate pods for their individual teams. And within those teams, there are additional pods for projects, workstreams and mentoring. My team leaders and I can be confident that the right internal conversations happen at the right time and nobody is left out-of-the-loop!

Connect4 has been particularly invaluable to members of the team who are new to managing others. Setting a clear agenda before each meeting gives them the confidence to be able to facilitate efficient and productive meetings with their team.”

“Connect4 has been that missing piece that we didn’t know was missing!”

Johann Goree, JGBC

2. Open your door with one-to-one pods

Johann: “Working remotely has lots of benefits, but, it can be hard as a manager sometimes to check if everyone is happy. I operate an ‘open door’ policy — albeit digitally! I have one-to-one pods set up with all my team and we jump-in whenever is needed for a quick catch-up. It’s very informal, but it makes it much easier for me to be able to support my team as problems arise.”

3. Mentoring, coaching and training

Johann: “We’re lucky to have an extremely talented set of individuals at We try to leverage that by making sure we regularly share knowledge across the team. We use Connect4 to set up ‘mentoring’ pods. These are spaces where individuals skilled in certain areas can help coach one another. It works brilliantly too when we bring junior members on to the team. We can keep a record of coaching that has taken place and share any relevant documents in an easy-to-access space.”

4. Onboarding new apps and processes

Johann: “A big part of my role at is making sure that we have both the processes and tools in place to allow everyone to do their best work. I’ve found Connect4 pods to be the best place to introduce those things to the team. I can run demos of new software with team members and share new processes, all within specific pods. And anyone can dip back into a pod at any time to access a record of any discussions and any relevant documents.”

How well does your team communicate?

Rock-solid internal remote communication is especially crucial for organisations that speak directly with clients on a daily basis. How can you expect your team to communicate effectively with clients if you’re not holding effective team meetings?

Adjusting to new ways of working always takes a little time to get right. But Johann and the team at JGBC demonstrate that with a bit of structure (and the right tools 😉), holding great meetings needn’t be difficult.

If you’d like to find out more about improving your internal and external communications with Connect4, please get in touch to arrange a demo.

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