Embed Loom videos in Connect4

Play Loom videos directly inside Connect4 pods.

Lots of our customers are keen Loom users. We love it too — we use Loom all the time to share ideas amongst the team and to record customer interviews. That’s why we’ve added greater support for Loom to Connect4.

Check it out below:

You can add Loom videos in two different ways to Connect4 pods:

1. Resources

If you add any Loom link to the resources section in Connect4, it will automatically be detected as a Loom video. That means that when you click on the resource, it’ll open inside the app, instead of opening in a new tab. This is perfect for adding training videos and other resources that pod members might need to refer back to regularly.

2. Past meetings

You can also add a Loom video link to the meeting notes section of a meeting. This is great if you want to capture a full recording of a meeting and keep it as a record.

We’re constantly updating Connect4 with new features to help you better communicate with clients. If there are new features that you’d love to see implemented, add your ideas to roadmap.connect4.app or send a message to [email protected].

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Rory Macrae

Rory is Connect4’s Head of Design. He leads the design of the app as well as all things related to the Connect4 brand.

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