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Connect4 helps consultants, coaches and advisors deliver smarter client meetings.


    Communicate your true value

    Connect4 is a fresh approach to client meetings. Plan, meet, and do in a single safe space designed specifically for you and your clients.

    Client meetings before & after Connect4

    Before Connect4


    • Messy planning & follow-up
    • Scattered documentation
    • Generic video meeting software
    After Connect4


    • All-in-one client-centric workspace
    • Branded meeting rooms
    • Super-easy video access
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    ...have I shown you my holiday photos yet?!

    Meeting agendas that actually stick to time

    Waiting for participant to join...

    Start a meeting in two clicks. No downloads.

    Umm... what did we agree last time?

    Easily access records of every meeting and action.

    Watch the video

    Let your personal brand shine

    You’ve spent years developing a name for yourself. Craft unique client meetings pods that truly reflect you.

    Connect4 combines video and professional meeting tools in one unique space.

    • Branded meeting rooms
    • Share videos, documents and other assets
    Branded meeting rooms


    Connect4 is for anybody who delivers advice and other services to clients through regular meetings.

    Business coaches

    Executive/leadership coaches

    Advisors & consultants

    Virtual finance directors

    Entrepreneurs & investors

    Tutors and trainers

    Career/life coaches



    “Connect4 is a great tool! You can see what you are talking about. You can see what you agreed to in the last meeting. There’s no argument!”

    Richard Brewin

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