The Connect4 + Pixie client management workflow

How to send your Connect4 meeting notes to Pixie practice management software.

Small firms need two things when working with clients – focus & delivery. Managing clients includes external meetings and internal workflows that prioritize team efforts to deliver on client experience.

At Connect4, we enable productive client meetings that use a tested formula of prepare, meet, act to progress valued client relationships forward. For practices using Pixie, you know that it offers everything you need to manage your clients compliance deadlines, email communication and your own teams work in one simple easy-to-use app.

Connect4 customers came asking “How can we use the internal team workflows in Pixie alongside their client meeting workflows in Connect4?” Thanks to their questions, we’ve been able to meet the Pixie team and work together to explore transferring the power captured from productive client meetings into Pixie’s practice management workflows. And we’re excited to say, we have a winning client management combo! 

The connection starts with a simple post meeting email sent from your Connect4 pod that is picked up by Pixie’s To Do!

What are the key benefits of syncing Connect4 and Pixie?

It’s good practice to send a summary email for meeting attendees (and other pod members) recapping the discussion with meeting notes and any agreed next steps. For Pixie users, this summary email can be the start of your internal practice management workflows.

Increased team efficiency

Connect4’s post meeting email includes the meeting minutes and actions agreed. This email, once in Pixie, allows for efficiency magic across your team. Post meeting emails are filed on client records automatically, giving your team visibility over the meeting’s notes and actions. Take your efficiency one step further by applying a task-template to complete your post-meeting follow up so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Better client experience

As a client facing tool, Connect4 is always available to your clients to access actions, resources and past meeting details between meetings. Your team working in sync within Pixie allows a client manager visibility to update the client’s Connect4 pod on progress made on agreed actions or adding resources before the next meeting. This combination provides a streamlined way to deliver improved transparency in the client experience.   

Let’s explore the workflows to achieve these benefits for current Connect4 and Pixie users – starting in Connect4.

Step 1: End Meeting. Summarise notes & actions.

Upon ending the meeting, the meeting host will be navigated to the post meeting workflow. Here they complete meeting notes, assign actions and add any recordings to prepare a meeting summary for all pod participants – even those who missed the meeting! 

Step 2: Choose email content. Hit Send.

To send the post meeting email, simply choose from the work you’ve completed to include in the body of the email to the pod members. 

These option are:

  • Meeting notes in full
  • Outstanding actions
  • Personal message

Check the box you’d like to have included in the body of the email.

When selecting “personal message” type up your message to be sent to all those included – this is your space to impress.

Now, switch over to Pixie.

Step 3: Check your Pixie email

The email will be sent to all pod members – including you. And, the email cc’s the client’s email address, which enables the auto-filing on their record. 

You’ll receive a copy of the Connect4 Summary Email sent post meeting in your priority inbox. 

This email will have the personalised message, the meeting minutes and actions for the attendees to move forward on. This is where you’ll want to start using your Pixie workflows for internal visibility of meeting outcomes and any new task setting. 

Step 4: Choose your action in Pixie

The Connect4 pod members copied in the email that are in your Pixie account as clients will have the email added to their Pixie records automatically. This means anybody in your team will have visibility over the meeting summary. You can see which clients it is associated with by clicking on the ‘associated clients’ button at the top.

Once the email has come into your priority inbox, there are five possible actions you can take.

  1. Mark email as done
  2. Reassign to somebody else
  3. Link email to existing task
  4. Create task from email
  5. Create task from email + apply existing workflow template

To learn more about the details on what to do in Pixie, explore here in our Connect4 support article.

If you’re a Pixie user looking for a great client meeting platform, please reach out to our Connect4 team here. And, for our Connect4 customers exploring practice management tools, reach out to Pixie

Until next time – happy connecting!

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Sarah Broderick

Sarah is COO at Connect4. She leads up the commercial teams to GSD and deliver more for customers. During 15 years of client-facing roles in software and financial services, she's become passionate about creating client transparency through consistent, humanised interactions as the key to building strong business relationships.

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