Why Connect4?

The client-centric meeting platform

Why are client meetings important?

We believe that great client meetings are the foundation that successful service businesses are built upon. First-class client meetings forge rock-solid relationships and provide higher value for clients, in turn leading them to spend more!

How Connect4 is different

We put client-centricity at the core.

  • Transparency — Forget closed-off CRM systems. Connect4 keeps clients in-the-loop.
  • Accountability — Make every meeting actionable. Connect4 meetings get stuff done.
  • Accessibility — Stop searching through your inbox. Connect4 organises everything related to a client, in one place.
The client meeting platform

Follow a workflow for best-practice client meetings

Running great client meetings is easy — if you follow the right process.

Connect4 enables teams to run consistantly outstanding client meetings. Every. Single. Time.

Prepare, meet, act

1. Prepare

Great client meetings don’t start when you enter a meeting room (virtual or physical). They begin days or weeks before, with the right kind of meeting prep. Connect4 provides a framework for the whole team to follow to make sure that every client meeting is prepared for progress.

  • Schedule meetings and add them straight to your calendar.
  • Define an agenda before you meet.
  • Clients can suggest their own talking points.
  • Make your own agenda templates or use one from our professional library.
  • Email a meeting agenda from within the app.
  • Share documents and resources ahead of time.

2. Meet

First impressions count. So you go to a lot of effort to ensure physical meeting spaces are perfect. We take the same care when it comes to virtual meetings. Connect4 is uniquely designed to provide your client with the best possible meeting experience.

  • Work seamlessly alongside Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Brand your meeting pods with your company logo and colours.
  • Record public and private meeting notes as you speak.
  • Add new resources during the meeting.
  • Set actions for you, your team and your clients.

3. Act

Progress can’t be achieved without a solid ‘post-meeting’ workflow. Connect4 provides a reliable system to ensure stuff actually get’s done between meetings.

  • Monitor actions as they get completed by your team and your clients.
  • Access clear and transparent records of every decision in every meeting.
  • Record and share your own video meeting summary.
  • Publish notes and actions to Karbon & Pixie.
  • Embed Loom video recordings of an entire meeting.
  • Set follow-up meetings and roll-over agenda points.

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