Beat Zoom fatigue and run smarter client meetings

Pre-pandemic, no one complained of Zoom fatigue; now it’s practically a medical condition. And with that comes its potential to affect our productivity, client relationships and our overall mojo. We think there’s a better way.

Ask yourself this; what makes a great meeting? Chances are it’s not just the refreshments. Productive meetings feature outcomes like; shared ideas, focused discussion, issues resolved and an action plan that everyone’s agreed on and can implement. 

But, all too often, we fall short of these goals, with an unstructured agenda, discussions that lead nowhere and a forward plan that’s, well…not taking us forward. 

Client relationships are built on great meetings, so online meeting fatigue is a real problem. But it’s not just the quantity of meetings that’s making us tired. It’s the quality of them. 

And when we’ve got back-to-backs, all week, every week, that’s going to have an effect both on the energy that we bring to our meetings, and the outputs that happen at the end of them. 

Here’s how Connect4 pods help you have smarter, better and more productive client meetings. 

C4 pods are a virtual meeting space where you meet your client, ready to power up your plans, inspire each other and leave the meeting energised to make things happen. 

Connect4 is different to other online meeting platforms. It’s not just a communication platform, it’s a productivity engine, with built in tools to ensure that every client meeting you have has professional and productive outcomes. 

Capture your decisions 

There’s nothing more annoying than wasting time at the start of a meeting trying to remember what you’d decided at the last one. Add up those lost five or 10 minutes over a month and you’re looking at potentially a whole working day wasted. 

If that’s you, then you’ll love Connect4’s capability to record a short video in your pod to capture outcomes and action points at the end of your meeting. Store it in your pod too, so you can check in on what you’ve decided or want to do some quick prep before your next meeting. 

Video summary

Say goodbye to the pointless meeting

Ever had a client ‘catch up’ where there’s no agenda, no plan and no output? Bring some structure to these meetings with Connect4 agenda templates. They’re visible throughout the meeting too, to keep you focused and on track. 

And there’s nothing like the great feeling you have when finishing a meeting with decisions taken and next steps planned out. 

Keep to time

We’re not in the office now, so the chances of being turfed out of your room because someone else has booked it are slim. But meeting overrun can be the result of a poorly planned meeting, and can have a frustrating impact on your plans for the rest of your business day. 

Our agendas have timings set against them to keep you on track. After all, we’re all so much more effective, energised and productive when we’re working to a deadline, even if it’s one we’ve set ourselves. 

Timed agenda

Let’s make a plan

Meetings aren’t an end in themselves. In order to build successful client relationships, you’ll need to be consistently checking in on your plans and staying accountable to them. 

Meeting summaries and action points are an essential part of every productive call, so Connect4 allows you to add, edit and archive written notes for every single meeting.

Book the next meeting while you’re in the current one

Meetings should be part of an active and ongoing relationship with your client. But it’s hard to keep that momentum going when you’re not sure when you’re due to meet again, wasting time checking diaries to find a slot that suits you both.

With Connect4, you book the next meeting while you’re in the current one. It simply becomes part of your routine. Less fuss, less time wasted, more focus. 

Put your best foot forward

It can be hard to escape from Zoom; meetings during the day, then family catch ups and quizzes in the evening.

Connect4 is different. It’s a platform that’s built for business. Your pod is where you meet your client, it’s just for them, and has all your meeting notes and resources in it. Giving a  truly client-centric experience.

And by having your meetings in your own pod, you’re saying to your client that they’re important. And that you’re bringing energy and focus to the meeting – ready to move things forward.

We’re building a community of accountants who are using Connect4 to become more professional, productive and personal. Join us by booking a short demo through our website.

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