MTD for Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA)

55 mins

A practical meeting structure for helping clients with new ITSA requirements.

Kat Bond, Xero

Kat Bond

Head of Partner Consulting & Success, Xero (UK)

Welcome (15 min)

  1. How is your client?
  2. How is their business performing?
  • Any recent business successes?
  • Any recent business challenges?

Introduction to MTD for ITSA (15 min)

  • What is MTD for ITSA?
  • What are the key dates?

How MTD for ITSA affects you (15 min)

  • Maintain digital records to be compliant
  • Xero subscription options
  • The benefits of digital records
  • Impact on fees

Next steps (10 min)

  • Decide on who will be responsible for record keeping and MTD for ITSA submissions
  • Create a plan to adopt compliant software
  • Book in a meeting to check progress

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MTD for Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA) agenda template summary

A practical meeting structure with script and agenda for accountants to make clients aware of the changes coming to the Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA) requirements.