Quarterly business advisory meeting

60 mins

A framework that ensures progression and accountability, augmented by management reporting, KPI analysis and forecasting.

Darren Glanville

Darren Glanville

Country Manager UK & EMEA, Fathom

Welcome and recap of assumptions (5 min)

  • Bookkeeping is up to date as at quarter end and finalised inc VAT (if applicable).
  • Management report has been produced, reviewed and commentary is relevant
  • Financial KPIs are up to date
  • Non Financial KPIs (If applicable) are up to date
  • Any client pre-work for the meeting is also up to date

Check in and business update (15 min)

1. How are you?

2. Discussion

  • What has been happening since our last meeting?
  • What do you feel has gone well since our last meeting?
  • What do you feel could have gone better, and how?

3. Outstanding actions

  • Review actions from previous meeting (if applicable)

Management report/KPI review (30 min)

Review management reports/KPIs with the client and share key points with the client.

  • Are you happy with the results you achieved in the last quarter?
  • Did you hit the targets we set jointly as a result of our last meeting?
  • Which of your numbers do you want to improve as a result in the next quarter?

Goals & objectives (next 90 days)

  • What are your goals and objectives for the next 90 days? (Are they S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound)?
  • Have your goals/objectives changed since our last meeting?
  • What is keeping you awake at night?

Anything else? (5 min)

Agree and assign actions and schedule next meeting (5 min)

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Quarterly business advisory meeting agenda template summary

Darren Glanville of Fathom presents a unique meeting agenda that incorporates management reporting, KPI analysis and forecasting. This acts as a framework that ensures progression and accountability for clients who have quarterly business advisory meetings with you.

Quickly get up-to-speed on your clients progress since the last meeting and efficiently transition to talking about goals and targets for the next quarter. Set actions to keep both you and you client accountable for agreed meeting outcomes and follow-ups.