Solving accounts payable inefficiencies with approval automation

35 mins

For anyone who wants to use approval software with their prospective customers.

Alex Keselman

Alex Keselman

Product Expert & Solution Engineer, ApprovalMax

An introduction to workflow automation software: ApprovalMax (5 mins)

When ApprovalMax was founded, marketplace reviews and explanation of ApprovalMax’s purpose.

Key capabilities of ApprovalMax (10 mins)

  • Which workflows are available?
  • How you can make your Accounts Payable process even more robust with Bill-to-PO matching and budget checking.
  • How you can make your approvals on-the-go.
  • Where ApprovalMax fits into your app stack (OCR tools —> ApprovalMax —> Accounting software).

Live overview of the product (10 mins)

  • Adding users and defining their user role, building a workflow from scratch.
  • Adding rules to each approver.
  • UX/UI for the users — Decision Required tab, what data is available, how we can configure our notifications.
  • Reports and how we can customise them, scheduling reports.
  • Advanced features — Bill-to-PO matching, budget checking, auto-approval rules and standalone workflows.

Partner programme (2 mins)

Benefits of partner program, typical client profile and onboarding capabilities

Pricing (3 mins)

  • Pricing model: Flat-fee, based on the number of entities, no limits on amount of users/requests.
  • Discounts available: NFP discount, Annual contract, Volume discounts.

Next steps (5 min)

Use or customise this agenda with one click in Connect4 — the client meeting platform.

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Solving accounts payable inefficiencies with approval automation agenda template summary

The agenda templates is for anyone who’s demoing ApprovalMax to their prospective customers/partners can use this agenda to structure the call in the best way possible.

Alex Keselman is a product expert with over 7 years of experience implementing IT-solutions to companies worldwide.