New accounting client kick-off meeting

47 mins

A client-facing agenda for a kick off meeting with a new client. Typically run by a Partner, Onboarding Specialist, or Client Manager.

Rowan Van Tromp

Rowan Van Tromp

Process Expert, Karbon

Introductions (3 min)

Review the onboarding process (5 min)

  • including expected time to completion,
  • and current progress against tasks

Remind on outstanding items (as applicable) (10 min)

  • Completion of direct debit mandate
  • Identity verification
  • Other outstanding information

Discuss professional clearance (if applicable) (5 min)

Explanation of in-scope items and how we obtain approval and payment for additional items (5 min)

Expected response times. (3 min)

Understand your goals and preferred style of communication (5 min)

Introduce systems for collaboration (5 min)

  • including Karbon,
  • bookkeeping apps etc.
  • access to other systems

Book in further calls as applicable (3 min)

i.e. systems training

Any other business (3 min)

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New accounting client kick-off meeting agenda template summary

Karbon is one of the leading practice management software solutions for accounting practices. In this expert client meeting agenda, Rowan Van Tromp details a robust and efficient method for onboarding new accounting clients. This meeting agenda is a proven formula for new client kick-off meetings and is easy for both senior and less experience team members to follow.

This agenda covers everything that needs to be discussed in a new client kick-off meeting, including; completion of obligatory tasks, software onboarding and goal setting.