90 day client onboarding

38 mins

Set the first 90 days of your client relationship on the right track with this meeting template for accountants.

Mary McGlinchey, Ignition

Mary McGlinchey

Customer Success Specialist, Ignition

Welcome and introduction (3 min)

Introduce yourself as a Client Success Manager, Onboarding specialist or Account Manager- giving an outline of what the customer can expect over their onboarding period

Discovery time (5 min)

  • Understand the client or customers business operations.
  • How do they currently do their onboarding?

Connection & settings (10 min)

  • Connecting their ledger, covering all questions they have on how the system works.
  • Going over general software settings.
  • Connecting payments and setting up branding.

Feature: Library (10 min)

  • Covering Service library, terms and notifications.
  • Advising on set up, showing all features and best practices for their set up.

Outcome: Proposal creation (10 min)

Showing clients the New Proposal Editor and a quick version of what a proposal will look like once they have completed the work from the previous section.

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