7 ways Connect4 Pods can transform your online client meetings today

Want to impress your clients, build a strong practice profile online and run your external meetings in a productive and purposeful way? Our online Pods show you how.

In March, our way of working changed almost overnight, and it looks like many of us will stay working remotely for the foreseeable future. 

But with new ways of working come new challenges, particularly around the regular external meetings that we have with our clients. 

Research has shown that our biggest frustrations are tech troubles, meetings that lack purpose and structure, and simply forgetting the decisions that were taken at the previous meeting.

Sound familiar?

At Connect4 we do things differently. Our online Pods – or virtual meeting rooms – are for a small group of people who are meeting for a specific purpose. They ensure that regular client meetings are professional, productive, and keep the personal touch that’s now so crucial in building online relationships.

Here’s how Pods work…

Connect4 Pods
Pods can be organised into ‘clusters’ so that you always know what meetings you have coming up

1. Pods let you set up a client meeting space that’s just for them

We’ve been working in the accountancy space for a long time, so we know the importance of consistency in client comms. 

Our Pods aren’t like any other online meeting provider. Setting up a Pod for your client means you are putting them at the centre of the relationship. It is their room, and one that focuses on them and their needs in a truly client-centric way. 

Pods are perfect for on-boarding new clients too. When a new client’s in their own Pod, they’re much less likely to get ‘lost’ when transferring between teams. What’s more, with Connect4 you always book the next meeting when you finish.  Perfect for providing exceptional client service and for converting pitches to actual won work.

Connect4 meeting space
A separate space for each client.

2. Our templated agendas keep you in control of your meeting

A tight agenda can make the difference between a meeting with structure and purpose and one where people are wondering ‘what’s the point’. Our templated agendas are visible throughout the Pod meeting, meaning you’re incentivised to stay on track, keep everyone to time and make decisions effectively. 

Agenda in progress
Meetings are more effective if they follow a written agenda.

And if you’re not sure what to put on the agenda for an exploratory chat, bear in mind that it doesn’t always matter. Just the fact of committing some thoughts to paper shows that you’re focused on having a productive and valuable meeting.

3. Store your meeting summary in your client Pod

How much of your time has been wasted in the past trying to recall decisions taken at previous meetings?

At the end of each meeting in your Pod, summarise decisions taken and then store the meeting record in the Pod. Meaning you’re starting the next meeting on the front foot, clear on decisions taken and future priorities.

4. Relevant docs can be stored in your Pod

Have you ever had a meeting derailed by someone missing an important management report or letter? Yes, us too. So save time and hassle by storing all your relevant client documents in your Pod, and have everything just there when you need it.

5. Record a short welcome video

It can be hard to build that client connection online when you’re used to having meetings over a coffee or in a meeting room. With Pods, you can record a short welcome video when you set up your account, so you feel familiar to the client before you start, even if you’ve never met in person.

6. Brand your client Pod with your company logo

Now that the dust has settled, it’s clear that we’re going to be building our businesses partially remotely for a while to come, so giving a professional impression of your practice to your clients is going to be crucial. 

So isn’t it better to use an online meeting room that’s branded with your company logo and is associated with a professional service rather than an online meeting provider that’s used for family chats and pub quizzes? 

Your branded Pod signifies to your client that they’re in the meeting room provided by you, and you’re there to talk business.

7. You can jump on Pods for short meetings or to check something out

The problem with online video services in the past is that they can be a bit too….well, formal. After all, sometimes you just want to quickly get in touch and check something out without having to have a formal meeting request in your calendar. With Pods, it couldn’t be easier. Just message your client to jump on their Pod, and you’re good to go.

So if you’d like to move from a working week with meeting-muddle, to one that is productive, professional — and personal — book a short demo with one of our team.

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