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Connect4 gives you and your team the structure you need to consistently deliver outstanding client meetings.

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Define the perfect playbook for every type of client meeting

Recipes for client success that the whole team can follow.

Discovery meetings


Make the right impression on new business discovery calls.

Onboarding meetings


Systemise your process for bringing new clients onboard.

Advisory meetings


Consistently deliver first-class business advisory sessions.

Client centric companies choose Connect4

Connect4 and other software

Works alongside your favourite tools

Connect4 has been carefully designed to complement the software you already know and love.

  • Sync meetings actions with Karbon practice management software.
  • Paste your unique meeting pod link into scheduling tools such as Calendly.
  • Host video calls on Zoom or MS Teams alongside Connect4.
  • (or use our super stable built-in video)

Deliver a consistent client experience with every meeting

Client relationships on Connect4 live inside pods. Pods are a central place to plan, talk and do with complete transparency, all in one place.

Even when your team changes, your client’s experience never does.

How it works

A client centric meeting workflow for the whole team

Move from fragmented workflows & throw-away meetings to valuable client experiences.


  • Create and share agendas before you meet.
  • Make your own agenda templates or use one from our professional library.
  • Share documents and resources ahead of time.


  • Host branded video meetings. Access just one click. No download needed.
  • Record public and private meeting notes in the same place as you meet.
  • Set actions for you, your team and your clients.


  • Monitor actions as they get completed.
  • Access clear and transparent records of every decision.
  • Make progress and demonstrate your value.

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